A decisive message from Mohammed VI to Algeria

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THE description of what is in the mind of King Mohammed VI, together with the Moroccan nation, is an honest and spontaneous manner of expression among people who harbor affection for the Algerians, which stems from being partners in the struggle against colonialism and sharing memories of the days of the revolution.

All this was manifested in a few lines in a cable of condolences that the Moroccan monarch had sent to the Algerian leadership and people to mourn the death of their former president Bouteflika.

In his message, King Mohammed VI said, “The deceased was bound to Morocco by ties formed during the periods of his childhood and studies in the city of Oujda and even during the times of activism for the independence of sister Algeria. History will always remember the important phase marked by the late Bouteflika in the modern history of Algeria”. This paints a realistic picture of the special bond between these two countries.

Unfortunately, this common history has been subjected to a systematic obliteration by the Algerian security services, officials and advisers who consider fabricating crises as raising their standing with the leadership. This leadership today has to rediscover its national interests and its relations with its neighbors, especially the Kingdom of Morocco, which represents the strategic depth of Algeria, and is the owner of the policy of action for the stability of the North African Arab region. The cooperation between the two neighboring brothers is of huge national interest for all Arabs.

In this message are sincere words issued by the King of Hearts and the leader of a pivotal stage both regionally and internationally. In fact, it is the crown of honesty that does not accept any ambiguity. It is a realistic interpretation of a royal approach that has continued since the 1950s, starting with the late Mohammed V, passing through the late Hassan II, all the way to King Mohammed VI.

There is no doubt that the Algerian policy over the past years has caused many local and regional crises, and led to ruptures with several countries due to the whims of officials who suffer from political shortsightedness, enmity with a large segment of their people, and a desire to prevail even through self-sabotage by pushing for political and economic instability, or by seeking to isolate the country from the neighborhood, which has exacerbated the living crisis in the country.

Despite the estrangement, Moroccans look at Algerians with a brotherly and loving eye. This is what Algeria, its leadership and government must understand well, so they point where the neighboring kingdom has erred, given that its people always aspire for the highest relations of cooperation with its brothers and neighbors. Therefore we ask – Did the Algerian leadership read that cable well? Would it reciprocate in line with its content?

Thank you to the king of hearts … your words will be cherished by all, for it is the epitome of high culture and elevation of the soul.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 23382 times!

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