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Your support should be in word & deed

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

I DO not know why I am thinking so much about the ‘heroes’ who stormed the National Assembly building and those who demonstrated at the Erada Square a few years ago.

After they were sentenced to various prison terms, they escaped to Turkey and one of them returned a few days ago and upon arrival was whisked away from the airport and sent to prison to serve the sentence.

He and his colleagues are waiting for an amnesty to be issued to abolish the punishment, which is in the rule of the unseen, and I imagine that those who are for the decision are confused about it.

Recently there have been calls and claims by some MPs who said the amnesty must also include other categories, especially those convicted of the so-called ‘crimes of opinion’ or crimes committed on the social media, which are described by some – including myself – are means of communicating with the devil.

We go back to the favorite country of refuge of our ‘heroes’ and those who supported them who had nothing to do with it and paid for media platforms.

The tourism sector in Turkey these days is witnessing new crises with more taxes on investors and tourists. The Turkish government plans to impose a new tax package two months later next year (2020), which will include digital service, luxury property tax, and hotel tax.

The tourism experts say these taxes are a major blow to the sector, which has not yet recovered from the effects of the current economic crisis, and have expressed deep concern about the new taxes on various tourist facilities.

They say this step means the inability of the tourism sector to compete and will provide low quality service, as well as may increase the cost of those services and as a result of which the tourists will be reluctant to visit Ankara which will mean significant losses to the owners of tourism companies in Turkey and may be forced to abandon their activity if they find themselves in the red.

This is the reason why I am sad and concerned about the heroes of the Kuwaiti movement – those who are living in Turkey as tourists for years, and how they will manage to bear this unexpected increase in the cost of living in the sister country Turkey.

I propose that some generous sympathizers from among our current esteemed politicians to help them especially if we know that one of them recently bought a property at an auction in Kuwait and paid KD 67 million in full, while one of his colleagues offered KD 60 million but failed to win the auction.

A friend told me that one of the current deputies owns six residential complexes in Turkey, we also ask him to find himself with the help of our group there, and there are also other parliamentary millionaires and there is no space here to disclose their wealth.

Support and defense of these heroes must be in word and deed. In other words by saying and paying?

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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