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Sunday , February 23 2020

‘You are Kuwait’s hope’

‘Waiting for you’

Respectable Sir, I reiterate what I mentioned in an earlier article that I do not know you. I only met you once or twice during social occasions. However, I just remembered yesterday that you were the reason behind my resignation from the Society for the Defense of Public Money a few months after its inception, although I was at the forefront of those who sought for its establishment some years after liberation.

I remember that you were at the forefront of the founders who attended the first assembly of the society. I have not seen you ever since. The meeting ended and I found myself being a member of the board of directors. Because the society had yet to be proclaimed and because it needed money, I donated KD 2,000 to cover the establishment expenses at the time. The board then decided that I take over the post of treasurer.

One day, President of the society Attorney Mohsen Al-Mutairi and member of the society former MP Ahmad Lari handed me a check in my name for a large sum from your account.

I refused matters going this way and working behind my back because I was the first who was concerned with the fund of the society, so I submitted my resignation and did not wait to hear their opinion. I walked out and appreciated your donation. On that day, I knew you are a special personality with a clear message. Your attendance at the meeting was a reflection of belief in the important role of the society in revealing facts.

Recent news on your sudden illness made me very sad not only because you are a man worthy of love and respect, but also because we see hope in you.

Almost everyone I met expressed concern for your health. All this showed me your place in the hearts of many. You are the hope of a better Kuwait in the future.

I do not know much about the nature of your illness but I feel you have the right to know, while you experience this delicate and perhaps critical health condition, that we love you and we stand with you. We wish you speedy recovery and safe return to Kuwait and your family for the many duties awaiting you while enjoying good health.

We say this not for a personal reason, but a national one. All of us are with you and ask you to be stronger than your illness. Do not worry, thousands are waiting for your return. For the first time in my life, I will be waiting at the airport to see an official, but you will not see me and you will not feel my presence, yet I will be really happy upon your return. We need you more than you think.

Sir! You have to feel hope, life is precious and you are, too. Kuwait and all of us need you. We are waiting for your return.

e-mail: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf



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