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Wednesday , August 5 2020

World isolates arrogant ‘plague’ Tehran

FOR Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani to announce that his country “will breach the American sanctions and sell oil” — the first reaction after the sanctions on Iran took effect yesterday, means only one thing, that is, his announcement is for local consumption only. These are exactly the same as the words of the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Muhammad Ali Jafari on crushing the United States of America in the region.

These statements will never change the position of the international community on the sanctions — even those believed to be allies of Iran such as China and Russia. These countries will never deviate from what has been drawn, because their interests in the US and other countries are much greater than those in Iran. Therefore, there is no taking risk for the sake of Iran’s terrorist regime.

There is obstinacy between the arrogant regime of Iran and the world in terms of relations. This obstinacy has no basis and does not take into consideration the interests of the people, especially after the major economic downfall which rendered the Iranian currency toman hit rock bottom, let alone the spread of sit-ins and strikes in vital public sectors in Iran.

This came after Iran spent about $600 million last month on ‘Hezbollah’ in Lebanon. In the past seven years, it spent about $16 billion in Yemen, Syria and Iraq; in addition to its huge expenditure on manufacturing weapons locally.

This condition compels one to inquire: Did the Iranian leaders ask themselves what the world is asking them to do? Did they achieve their objectives throughout the past four decades of terrorism and interference in the affairs of other nations?

We will not repeat the atrocities committed by Iran’s tool of terrorism in Bahrain, Kuwait and the eastern part of Saudi Arabia. Everyone knows this matter, even the Iranian official circles do not deny it.

We will not talk about what the Mullah regime did in Lebanon, which today is on the verge of economic and livelihood collapse due to Hezbollah’s stubbornness regarding the formation of the government and intentional delay while waiting to determine the direction of the wind after the new set of sanctions were imposed on Iran. We will not even mention what is transpiring in Iran or Syria.

All this history has one conclusion — the arrogant peacock regime does not understand any language, apart from the language of force and injunction. This is clearly manifested in its compromises with the six major countries.

Today, Iran started letting go of its arrogant ambition to control four Arab capitals which its leaders bragged about a year or so ago.

Deputy Chief of Iran’s National Guard Brigadier Hussein Sulami announced on the night before the sanctions took effect that his country has no intention to stay in Syria for a long period.

The people of Yemen must return to the sixth century to contemplate on the story of Sayf bin Dhī-Yazan (Himyarite King of Yemen who lived from 516 to 578 AD) who sought the assistance of the Persians who ended up killing him after achieving their objectives.

The ongoing events in Hudaida and Amran entail the end of Iran’s dream. Therefore, its regime has nothing left to control, even its capital Tehran, because the harsh sanctions have made things worse for them. This is in addition to the people’s wrath which keeps on intensifying due to the livelihood crisis and international isolation that makes the regime appear like a plague that the world is avoiding.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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