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Why the fuss, why?

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WHAT is all this fuss about and why the discord? How long will we remain like this? Are we not able to distinguish between dawn and dusk? Do we not have a wise man able to surpass every issue for the sake of the country?

For years, the country has been suffering from an unnecessary developmental vacuum, and the absence of an economic and social recovery plan; while the legislative and executive authorities — regardless of their faces and names — have been devoted to bickering and quarrels, until the country suffered from a heavy legacy that only God knows how to get rid of and the daily burdens continue to weigh heavily on the people’s shoulders.

The historic Amiri speech on June 22 this year was a pivotal point in the modern history of Kuwait. Everyone supported it and positive signs began to appear little by little, until the parliamentary-governmental dispute over the recent Cabinet formation.  Unfortunately, it is still stuck behind the scene of consultations between the parliamentary blocs and His Highness the Prime Minister; while the cost for the national economy is increasing and sophistry is becoming more entrenched in all of our affairs, as if the people have no other interest but to search for the gender of angels!

No one wants to admit that five decades of tampering with social and economic paths, and even our relations with the world, have caused all these.  The country has become increasingly closed and any attempt to relieve the pain becomes an achievement.  In fact, this is the height of hypocrisy and deception.

What Kuwait needs is much greater than any formal measures. We need education reform and the elimination of social violence, which has exacerbated in the absence of a correct educational strategy, and the deliberate closure of all sources of education, awareness and social entertainment.  This led to further spread of drugs and security challenges.

As for health, until today, Kuwait has not been able to reach a reasonable level of medical quality despite the waste in spending, while it has all the capabilities to be at the highest level of health.

On development, no one is doing anything and the infrastructure has become one of the worst in the world.  All you have to do is read international reports to know the truth about us.

The economy is the first priority of other countries, but we have left it on a free fall.  The dependence on oil as the only source of income is almost the artery from which the country feeds.  For the longest time, we have yet to cover our need for a clear vision and infrastructure to diversify the sources of income.

The solution to all these problems falls on the shoulders of the two authorities — legislative and executive.  They must work together vigorously; instead of bickering, fighting and gossiping — the root of every problem.

The people want nothing more than the cooperation of the two authorities, and that these authorities work together to fix everything the heavy legacy of neglect and absurdity has destroyed.

It is good to arrange meetings and talks to get out of the current crisis, but that is not enough. The most important step is for the constitutional institutions to return to work correctly and absolute agreement on everything that concerns the people.  In this manner, the people are not surprised by the return of conflict between the government and the National Assembly after days or weeks.  Time is not enough.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times