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Friday , February 3 2023

‘Whoever steals a dinar will not hesitate to steal the whole country’

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“THERE has been a lot of talk about combating corruption and referring former officials to the concerned authorities. This is good if we practice work in the right direction and punish those who have plundered the nation. The question is will we adopt the right course and recover the money that has been plundered, cut off this evil from our society which almost took the country to the brink of ruin?” columnist Sattam Al-Jarallah wrote for Al-Seyassah daily.

Sattam Al Jarallah

“Past experiences confirm the course has not changed, and therefore those who currently are held accountable either end up relaxing in their homes and no one disturbs them and the money they looted because they are either powerful or have fled abroad, as is the case with Fahd Al-Raja’an and others, who enjoy the money of Kuwaitis and are not afraid of punishment because the hands of accountability cannot reach them, despite the court verdicts against them.

“Therefore, those who are currently being pursued must be prevented from leaving the country, meaning that judgments must be enforced on them, their accounts must be frozen at home and abroad. What Kuwait has been suffering for years as a result of this disease is much bigger than any crisis it has gone through during its history until this day.

“Kuwait has enormous wealth but unfortunately the corrupt people have squandered much of this wealth, and if the rumors are true that these people have looted 200 billion dinars, then this means that the wealth of future generations has evaporated, that the credit rating will not return to its previous era, and there will be a decline that will ultimately lead to major economic and financial crisis and the citizen will not be able to bear it.

“Therefore, what we want are results and there must be a change in what the Kuwaitis have in their mind that every corrupt person can find a way to escape abroad. “All details must be revealed during trials and the corrupt should be identified in a clear and crystal manner. When anyone is accused, strict judicial measures must be taken against him so that it becomes a kind of lesson for others.

“Otherwise, the streets of London will be crowded with the corrupt Kuwaitis, and honorable citizens will only be left to cry over the ruins of a homeland that has been ravaged by the corrupt, so let accountability be serious and severe because whoever steals a dinar will not hesitate to steal the whole country.”

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