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Sunday , November 28 2021

When will the dream of issuing a civilized order come true?

A YEAR has passed since His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber assumed the throne.  God willing, may he work for a long time with our dear Amir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber — a symbol of humility, asceticism and true Islamic religiosity.

Thousands of Kuwaiti people, as well as the brotherly and friendly countries, congratulated Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmad on this occasion.  We join them in these humble lines of blessing the Crown Prince for assuming such high position.

I knew Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmad for decades when I was a young lawyer.  At the time, he served as head of the State Security Department at the Ministry of Interior. He used to work in a modest office in Qibla area that was demolished to pave way for the establishment of the current National Assembly building.

I was astonished that those who wrote about Sheikh Mishaal’s personality did not mention his unprecedented exploits while working as deputy of National Guard Chief Sheikh Salem Al-Ali, may God prolong his life.

We have been with dozens of noble tribesmen, but their names do not include that of their tribes. Now, the names of thousands of Kuwaiti citizens and well-known individuals with dual nationalities end with the names of their tribes.

This led to fragmentation and ‘melting’ of the national spirit while the tribal spirit rules.  Many Kuwaitis – whether urban or from the valley – belong to one of the well-known tribes in the Arabian Peninsula and Iraq; yet most of them do not put the names of their tribes after their names.

We have been dreaming that His Highness the faithful Crown Prince Sheikh Mishaal Al-Ahmad issues a civilized order on not attaching the tribal name to the name of the citizen, his father and grandfather. Instead, the name of the family should be attached as we have been accustomed to since our childhood.

Will this dream come true through the wise and fragmented government officials’ issuance of civilized orders to all those concerned?!


By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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