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Monday , December 6 2021

Welcome to the pardoned, as citizens, not as leaders

SINCE we know their mentality based on their characters, we recently gave an advice in our last article to “rejoice not at a wedding where divorce is at the door”.

Just before the ink of their statement regarding cooperation between the two authorities on the background of the general amnesty dried, disagreement erupted among the MPs. They began to leak the communications that took place between them, given that their goal in the first place is not to return to the path of righteousness, and to get the country out of its crisis, which they premeditatedly orchestrated.

It seems as though pardoning a few fugitives who fled to Turkey was nothing but the best-selling commodity for them. Since last week, they started shooting at the generous initiative of His Highness the Amir, which is to rearrange the Kuwaiti house.

Based on this fact, such a disruption will remain until these people achieve their goal. They do not care about approving laws, and amending the backward ones.

As for the financial and economic situation of the country, they have mastered tactics to twist the hands of the state and its people to get whatever they want such that it is either their way or no way.

Just after His Highness the Amir’s initiative was announced, they went on to call for what they call the “parliamentary government”, or else their ploys would continue.

The people can only imagine what the country would endure if the institutions become electoral camps, and the mandatory path to obtaining their natural rights becomes this electoral key, and that which is close to the minister-MP.

Based on this fact, we recall a prose of the 10th century Arab poet Abu Al-Tayyib Al-Mutanabbi – “If you see the canines of a lion out, be sure the lion is not smiling.”

As with the difference in the analogy between those MPs and the lion, the second part of the prose applies to them. They smiled showing their teeth, clearly telling the Kuwaitis that they had won a round in their continuous battle, and that they will continue until they reach their final goal.

Here everyone should remember what these people did throughout the past three decades. I am not talking about individuals, but rather their methodology, which included closing the country with a series of laws, including preventing coeducation, which cost the state budget KD 150 million annually, issuing legislation that made Kuwait a semi-racist state in the eyes of the world, and paralyzing the entire country.

Over the past years, they exerted every effort to disrupt all projects that they could not acquire, including the northern fields when they found that they had no share in them, and the Dow Chemicals project, about which one of them said it will only pass over his dead body, and led to the state incurring a fine of $ 2.5 billion without that MP even flinching.

We ask again – Does the amnesty benefit the people? Will it lead to the approval of the public debt law, improvement of Kuwait’s sovereign classification, and amendment of the unfair, backward and racist laws? Or will it increase the balance of some MPs, and foster embarrassment of the Cabinet, which does not know how to practice its role, and is thus sailing against the wind.

Yes … Welcome to those who have been pardoned … but as citizens, and not as some of them imagine that the celebrations will make them leaders returning from a battle in which they achieved victory.

Their return is a constitutionally guaranteed right for every Kuwaiti. However, we must say frankly that these MPs, who disrupted the country over the past months and practiced the most severe methods of political maliciousness, took advantage of this generous initiative from His Highness the Amir to accumulate their political benefits. However, when they felt that the matter was very serious, and that it would be in accordance with the law, traditions and customs, they turned against each other, and the sun rose on them and they shared the spoils.

It was said in the old days – “Ask an experimenter and do not ask a doctor”. What if the experimenter is the people who have undergone all kinds of bad experiences from these representatives and their ilk, while the successive governments and the current ones are with them? Indeed, even a sign from a wise man is enough.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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