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Vagaries of social media – All can’t be true!

M. Al-Arifi, quoting Sheikh Al-Islam ibn Taymiyyah, a controversial medieval Muslim theologian, logician and reformer says the use of jinn is divided into three permissible uses such as hanging clothes after washing and cleaning the house, asking to awaken the Muslims for Fajr pray and the third is using them in disobedience.

One of the characteristics of the underdeveloped societies is the inability of their members, unlike others, to differentiate between the truthfulness and falsification of the news and often to believe everything that comes back to them even if they are contrary to the mind, especially if the material is supported by pictures or a known person.

Many, for example, have believed that a human structure of a man tens of meters long has been discovered, and it is believed it belongs to Adam or the people of Ad, an ancient tribe mentioned frequently in the Holy Qur’an somewhere from Southern Arabia.

And another sent pictures showing ancient cities, wonderful statues and said they are the people of Thamud in Saudi Arabia.

There was also an article asserting that the Red Indians were Muslims, but they left their religion, or that the corpse of a beautiful woman has been discovered and dates back to 800 million years while the current remains of humans are no more than 200,000 years old.

There is also a message asking Kuwait to be proud, because there are many streets in the world in the name of Kuwait and a steamer in Barcelona is called ‘Free Kuwait’, a scientific museum in Brazil carry the name of Kuwait, and the sale of 12 million copies of a German book about Kuwait.

The issue becomes more complicated, and credible, when a former university professor and a politician stands on a public speaking platform and says what comes to his mind. For example Abdullah Al-Nafisi spoke about Israel’s bombardment of the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981. Relying on poor memory, he said many things that were untrue often citing dead people as Heikal the late prominent Egyptian journalist did, to convince the naïve about what he was saying.

In one of his speeches, Al-Nafisi said that an Israeli Mossad delegation arrived in Kuwait a few days before the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 and provided the Americans a list of wanted Iraqi scientists. The question here is, since when did Iraq have hundreds of nuclear scientists?

He said that the Israelis were looking for the atomic scientist Huda Saleh Mahdi Ammash, who topped the list of the wanted. In fact, she was a biologist and not an atomic scientist. The reason for her arrest was political not scientific. After she was released she lived in Jordan and died of cancer in 2016. The US military did not kill hundreds of Iraqi scientists, the professor said.

Therefore, we hope everyone will be skeptical about all the pictures and news that they receive and make sure of their authenticity before resending them even if it is difficult to do so because it is better to write it off instead of contributing to spreading lies and creating unnecessary worry and confusion.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf


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