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Wednesday , August 12 2020

UAE-China partnership, knowledge and development

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

HE works for the future and is keen on bringing all useful experiences to his country. He implements mega projects that move the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to an advanced level of development and modernization. Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed insists on being accompanied by UAE personalities from all sectors during his foreign visits to ensure such visits are productive and culminate in quick implementation of agreements between the countries they visit and his country.

On this basis, the Crown Prince’s fourth visit to China — accompanied by about 200 businessmen, officials and ministers — marked a new turning point in the relationship of the two countries which are celebrating 35 years of cooperation.

This renaissance witnessed by the UAE is the result of determination and persistence towards sustainable development; such that projects are implemented for the benefit of everyone and in a bid to give more to the children of the State in particular, and the Gulf in general. In the past few decades, the UAE has become a bee cell with many projects. It has taken great strides in consolidating its Gulf, regional and Arab role as an economic, cultural and knowledge base, in accordance with the principles of tolerance and cooperation for the common good.

In Abu Dhabi, you find Emirati youths speaking Chinese because of the conviction that knowledge of each other’s language enhances cultural exchange. They seek to break down barriers between nations based on the belief that any cooperation should be founded on clarity and certainty.

It is great to see commercial, economic, investment and know-how, as the case between a great country like China and the UAE which seeks modernity by fulfilling all scientific and age requirements to be a faithful translation of the old saying, “Seek knowledge, even in China.” China comes to the UAE through a series of major projects, most importantly the Chinese City and giant trade markets.

These benefits are translated into trade balance between the two countries and indicate mutual trust. After establishing the Chinese City in the United Arab Emirates — a trading center and an investment attraction, non-oil trade reached $58 billion last year. This is in addition to cooperation in addressing a number of international and regional issues to strengthen security and stability in the region, and to keep the region away from the specter of tensions that threatened it for years.

This is the basis of distinguished relations between Abu Dhabi and Beijing. It is a confirmation of the right vision that Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed translated into development of relations with other countries. This visit is vital for the Gulf nationals and Arabs, because of its positive impact on the Gulf and the Arab world.

Any open window of cooperation activates investment, exchange of knowledge and transfer of technological industries to any Arab country which helps in the renaissance of other countries.

This is the UAE which Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed wants to make a key partner in the regional peace industry and a vast investment haven where investors enjoy freedom of action and speedy implementation of international agreements, without obstacles or disagreements over details of the main objective.

These are the leaders of the UAE who view the future with the power of faith in the ability of their people to overcome difficulties and transform their country into a soft force with a civilized message, influential in the regional and Arab environments.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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