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Saturday , October 19 2019

The time-wasting Lebanon leaders

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

A POPULAR adage among Lebanese applies to the current situation in their country: “If you want to destroy your country, pray for a lot of leaders.” Two years and a half after the presidential vacuum comes the paralysis of the legislative authority which is just waking up from a deep slumber. There is no hope at all for the Lebanese except by cutting the hand of destruction which controls whatever is left of the country. There is also the dependence of leaders, a lot of them, for their own benefit. Besides this, there is Hezbollah — the mafia maestro holding all strings of the game due to the military arsenal behind it.

Everyone has seen how Hassan Nasrallah publicly brags about being a soldier in the army of Iranian governance jurist and a soldier who executes the orders of his leaders. He exploited his alliance with Michel Aoun just to impose himself as the sole candidate despite knowing he has no luck in the presidency for a number of Lebanese and regional restrictions which resulted in the breakdown of this constitutional institution, especially since the basic ally of the party has keys to the Parliament.

Moreover, the manufactured sectarian balances cannot make the deputy speaker, his office or even majority of the MPs convene a session to elect the president without the approval of Nabih Berri in order to execute whatever those in the basements of the Iranian Embassy in Beirut want.

All the initiatives proposed by several Lebanese leaders such as the initiative of Future Movement leader Saad Al-Hariri will not yield the desired result because Hezbollah will not relinquish power. This is a reality that made Beirut, as stated by former Iranian Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi, one of the four capitals controlled by Tehran aside from Damascus, Baghdad and Sanaa.

Does Al-Hariri think that whoever has this power will accept return of the spirit of constitutional establishment, or the least acceptable, in the presence of a leader like Michel Aoun?

It is unfortunate that the Lebanese abandoned their duties to the State for fear of a small country which, in reality, is merely a scarecrow compared to their capabilities if they unite to remove the threat within hours, or else, Hezbollah that controls all facets of the country, is not in a hurry to find a solution. Perhaps, Hezbollah is waiting to see what will become of the region or the green light from Tehran.

Lebanon is not exceptional, because the Arab world is covered with the arms of the Iranian octopus that is using the same method as Hezbollah, albeit, in different ways. If the Iraqi mafia operations of Iran stirred sectarian seditions to execute their project, then the situation in Yemen is not any better. The Houthis are mixing the method of Hezbollah with the Iraqi way of playing with sectarian tension. They added to that the opening of the country to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard disguised as experts. As for Libya, the Iranian fingers have started frivoling with it as we see media reports stating a new Libyan part is being tampered with in the Persian expansion project.

The solution in Lebanon will not come, except from the Lebanese themselves, so as the case in Iraq and Libya. As for Yemen, the public awakening has started to bear fruits as reflected in the successive defeats of the coup-plotters team and the return of legitimacy.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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