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At the time when the citizen Muhammad VI speaks…

ONCE again, King Muhammad VI addressed the Moroccan legislative authority in its 2nd commencement session as a citizen expressing his concerns and suffering.

He put everyone in front of the national responsibility which does not accept bargaining or discrimination, especially when he conveyed to the authority the misgivings of youths who represent more than a third of the society.

Youths play a major role in development which is based on proper principles, and it will not be achieved without correcting faults which appeared in the implementation process last year.

Because of that, we as Arabs are calm and reassured as we have this personality whose vision chimes with the ruling citizens — giving guidance based on his constitutional authority for Moroccan growth to become a daily activity, not a periodic theme that goes backwards with time and increases the burdens of citizens.

When I was listening to the speech of King Muhammad VI, I saw him as a citizen, not a king. He speaks his mind, calling a spade a spade. He does not shy away from highlighting the challenges being faced by citizens living in the city or those living in far villages.

“This is because the current development model is unable to respond to the needs of citizens,” and that “the government should remedy weak points and faults which emerged,” so as “to transform that development to become balanced and fair, guaranteeing dignity of everyone, particularly by providing income and work for youths.”

These are the principles which the King anchored for the coming period, which will form a yardstick for the current Moroccan government in succeeding in its mission, and to complete the requirements of a major workshop which Morocco has been witnessing for years.

It has become a tradition for the young King not to leave issues to random choices. Instead, he works towards closing the loopholes because the major national responsibility is borne by everyone evenly — the old and the young.

Nonetheless, for Morocco to maintain the proper development path and form an advanced model for the African continent in the development movement, its establishments need to be characterized by good performance. This will not be achieved except through undamaged justice.

This is what the King affirmed in his speech, “Moroccans need fair and effective justice system; and successful administration which is at their service and works for the well-being of the public, in the sense that it encourages investments and pushes the wheel of development forward.”

Undoubtedly, the main principles of any successful investment are security, stability and quick arbitration process. This is what every citizen of Morocco, Arab and foreign investors are striving for.

Due to the fact that depending on past achievements is not enough to improve the performance, King Mohammed VI guided the Parliament to work on rejuvenating the administration with youths to reflect the reality of dreams and aspirations of the major caliber of the society, as the distinguished among them will take charge of running the country in the future.

He promised to take into account anyone proven to be underperforming in his responsibility because the situation requires stricter measures to prevent messing with the destiny of citizens.

Every time King Mohammed VI presents positive surprises to State institutions, they resonate in every area of responsibility to prevent slackness and laziness among those concerned. This is why Morocco is the most successful Arab model in foiling every attempt to destabilize it.

Morocco, with its strategic location, serves as the northern gate of Africa on one hand and the liaison bridge with Europe on the other hand. Therefore, its stability guarantees stability of the region and the world.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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