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Thursday , December 3 2020

They sold us, Palestine … let them find own solution

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IN his speech at the emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Jeddah Monday, Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah called for solidarity with the rights of Palestinians and their just cause.

Honorable Minister, we wish to ask you whom should we form solidarity with? Should we do it with those who used Kuwait as their incubator to start Fatah Movement under Yasser Arafat – while Kuwait prioritized the Palestinian issue and imposed donations on us such that the country paid millions of dollars to Palestinians, yet they were the first group of people who helped Saddam Hussein when he invaded us? They demanded for merging Kuwait with Iraq as the latter’s 19th province and tortured Kuwaitis beyond what the Saddam Army did.

Should we form solidarity with those sheltered by Jordan who, instead of being conservative about it, turned it into an alternative country; yet they perpetrated terrorism within its territory by bombing commercial airplanes and created the ‘Black September’ accidents?

They did the same in Lebanon when they grabbed a territory named as ‘Fatah Land’, while they participated in the civil war through the massacre of the people of Lebanon. They could not get rid of them until after the Israeli invasion when they moved in ships to Tunisia where they instigated chaos.

Should we form solidarity with those who fought against Gaddafi, terrorized Egyptians and converted guns for rent for the highest bidders among the Arab regimes? Should we do it with those who killed Yemenis in secession wars and forgot their own issue or those who hijacked planes, bombed clubs and embassies across the world?

Should we form solidarity with those who breached the agreement beside the Holy Ka’abah – the ‘Hamas-Fatah Agreement’? Should we do it with those who hurled spurious accusations at Saudi Arabia and its kings only because the latter stood with fairness, while striving to resolve their case away from slogans and paid hundreds of millions to support their case at a time the Palestinian leaders and militant groups were living in opulence with such money? Should we form solidarity with those who assassinated the Foreign Affairs Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Seif Ghebash inside the Emirati territory?

The Honorable Minister urged the OIC foreign affairs ministers to form solidarity with Palestinians over their issue. The Arab foreign affairs ministers did the same the day before yesterday. However, we want to ask: Did the Palestinians themselves not work towards jeopardizing their case through breakups, while toying with the emotions of Arabs and blackmailing them?

Were they not the ones who compromised until the case reached this stage? Did they not kill themselves more than the number that the Israelis killed among them, while some of their factions transformed into tools in the hands of Iran for perpetrating corruption, terrorism and disasters within the Arab world?

Honorable Minister, permit us to say that the case of Palestinians is no longer a priority for the Arabs as the regimes used to deceive us in the past. It is rather a Palestinian-Israeli issue, so the solution should be through direct dialogue between these two parties.

The Arabs should not exaggerate as they cannot defeat Israel and the world will not allow them to do so, because this country enjoys cordial relations with the super powers. Its factions are in those countries, so nobody dares try to overpower them.

As for the Arabs, they have nothing but empty slogans. The Palestinians lost their own case, so they are obliged to search for the solution on their own.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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