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‘There is no hope for progress’


How can Kuwait advance in the field of industry, agriculture and commerce? How can Kuwait attain progress in the transparency indicators and follow the rules of governance? How can it become a reputable country that is respected all over the globe? How can the Kuwaiti passport become the best in the world and the holder welcomed wherever he goes?

How can Kuwait become a peaceful country free from hotbeds of terrorism and terrorists? How can a Kuwaiti become an innovator and a productive personality who does not know corruption, the one who protects public money, is honest in his dealings, honest in his pledges, fulfilling his promises and covenants?

Can all of these be achieved by increasing childbearing, and granting each new child a 50-dinar allowance, and a similar amount if not paid to him when he is born but is given to him when he reaches the age of 18, as one of the genius MP suggested? Or can all of the above dreams be fulfilled by doubling our oil production and thereby increasing our income? Or should we increase the population by speeding up the naturalization process?

Neither money of the world nor all of the factors mentioned above can achieve anything as long as we remain ignorant and our current backwardness that are seen in more than one image, shape and place.

This backwardness cannot be eliminated or overcome without science and distinguished school education. Almost the entire world is experiencing a revolution in the area of knowledge but it seems it is clear to us that we have nothing to do with it, and this is evident from the list of concerns and priorities of our governments and parliaments which have reached a degraded level.

The Minister of Education comes and goes, and an education official comes and leaves, but backwardness and the deterioration in the curricula, teaching methods, and level of devastation remain.

A majority of teachers have political orientations despite billions of dinars being spent on salaries, plans, programs only to see the application is nothing but a piece of paper. This helps backwardness did deeper with the increasing numbers of students and overcrowded classrooms. In the face of this the teacher’s level continues to decline and the curricula remain the same with slight changes here and there.

Even the ministers who once were described as liberals did not try to do anything. Rather, the situation worsened because of their tacit approval of the Segregation Law in Education Act, the most backward and harmful law in the history of education, which has paved the way for the forces of backwardness and terrorism to control curricula.

The modern education is not related to knowledge which is easily accessible to all of us at all ages but rather the search is how to benefit from knowledge, create innovation and through it develop the student skills and spread a spirit of curiosity by discovering the hidden potentials.

All these go hand in hand with encouraging professional and vocational education in light of the serious shortage of skilled workers and technicians, such as carpenters, plumbers, underwater welders, refineries electricians and hundreds of thousands of other technical jobs. Abraham Lincoln says: “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.”

By Ahmad alsarraf
e-mail: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

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