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Thursday , March 30 2023

The two MPs and the misery

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Bertrand Russell says: Karl Marx was one of the most important philosophers, but his problem was that he did not seek the happiness of the working class, but rather the misery of the bourgeoisie.

Russell’s quote reminded me of a text in the US Constitution: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Therefore, it was not surprising to note the extent to which former and current MPs indulged in opposing all manifestations of joy, and seeking the unhappiness of others, instead of caring for their happiness.

A ruling was issued by the Constitutional Court stating that a specific article of the law related to transgender is unconstitutional because it is flexible and has a wide meaning.

The text criminalizes imitating the opposite sex in any form, which makes it loose and adaptable, and it facilitates condemnation of individuals through it, and the destruction of their entire lives, so who decides homosexuality. Are women who shorten their hair considered transgender, and what are the limits of shortening their hair?

From this standpoint, the two representatives, Al-Menawer and Al-Jomhour submitted a proposal to set controls for what is called transgender and to punish every male who appears in public places wearing a woman’s dress, or using cosmetics to appear as a female, or a female wearing a men’s dress, according to the prevailing custom in the state, which makes it appear male.

Punishment of both sexes who performed “transformation or cosmetic” operations in any way, whether surgical or minor, or used any licensed medical or non-medical drugs, or cosmetic surgeries with the intent of changing the external appearance imitating the opposite sex, contrary to inborn nature. The violator shall be sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of 5,000 dinars.

It is clear from the proposal of the two representatives how much they, and other extremists, hate all manifestations of joy, and their tendency to cause others misery, abandoning all our problems and the lack of our legislation and our ills, and devoting themselves to the length of the skirt, and the women wearing trousers, and they forgot that between them there are men who grew their beards and wore eyeliner for thousands of years. They happily grow their hair, wear their braids and knot them behind their backs, and at the same time flaunt their outwardly masculine appearance, and wear high-heeled shoes, various hats, and tight clothes.

Many women also wear what resembles a dishdasha, and they put on their heads ties similar to the agal. There are also common, similar clothes between the sexes, so who will decide who is entitled to it, the man or the woman?

What is the ruling on a man carrying a handbag, for example? And what about the military uniforms of the army and the police, will female soldiers wear the abaya during working hours, or the skirt instead of the military uniform, which is exactly the same as the military uniform of the male?

A verdict was issued by the Cassation Court 10 years ago, obliging the Ministry of Interior to pay a female citizen 4,000 dinars in compensation for arresting her without evidence, under the pretext of appearing like men.

 The court considered the police’s behavior defective and transgression on personal freedom, and it was necessary for them, when conducting investigations, to use research and investigation methods that do not harm individuals and do not restrict their freedoms.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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