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The Sudan on my mind

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I loved the Sudanese for years, through my work and dealing with them, inside and outside when I was worked for the bank. I also came to like them more through a novel authored by Rania Mamoun ‘Thirteen Months of Sunrise’ by Rania Mamoun and the masterpiece of Al-Tayeb Salih, ‘Season of Migration to the North’, and the struggles of the thinker Mahmoud Muhammad Taha, and others.

The Sudanese were also praised by their employers and everyone who worked with them for their good manners and honesty.

Like most Arab and Muslim countries, the Sudan, after the British left Khartoum, was plagued by successive military coups and corrupt dictatorships with Omar Al-Bashir being the last and most unjust and brutal of them. He is the reason why Sudan lost 620,000 of its ‘fertile’ lands. It is because of him the Sudan had to pay huge sums of money to the United States in compensation for the victims who lost their lives at the hands of the Brotherhood government.

The Muslim Brotherhood entered Sudan wearing the cloak of Dictator Ja’afar al-Nimeiri. The Brotherhood presence was established with al-Turabi followed by al-Bashir, and there were years of intellectual drought, political injustice, and mass murder that the Sudan had never known, so whenever a Brotherhood faction enters a country, that nation becomes corrupt and humiliates that nation’s dear people.

As a reaction to their misdeeds, the Sudanese government announced yesterday the separation of religion from the state, ending 30 years of the rule of the ‘Brotherhood Sharia’, and this came during the signing ceremony by Sudanese President Abdalla Hamdok and Abdelaziz Al-Hilu, one of the leaders of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Northern Sudan, the declaration in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. This happens after the Sudan was seen as a safe haven for extremist movements. The late Bin Laden was considering making the Sudan his ‘abode’ before shifting the al-Qaeda activities to the (Tora Bora Mountains) of Afghanistan.

The Sudan has recently been hit by an unprecedented wave of floods called the ‘Flood of the Century’, sweeping large areas and causing thousands of citizens to be affected, hundreds of deaths and tens of thousands displaced as a result of the demolition of their homes and the death of their livestock. However, for the first time, none of the political Islam societies moved to provide aid for the afflicted Sudanese, as they used to do in the past.

This signifies the emptiness and falsehood of all their slogans about the brothers in religion, for they are self-centred in politics and the party activities and not the relief work to help the poor. The footage of victims and dead children will mean nothing to them because their motive is something else and their goals are purely ideological.

The Sudan and its people were overjoyed on the day the Muslim Brotherhood ‘left’ Khartoum. I do not know when those who support them, financially and morally, are aware of the truth of their goals and objectives, and that they have nothing to do with either helping the Muslims or providing relief to Africans.

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Mohammad Ahmad Al-Mahjoub, former prime minister of the Sudan said, “If a Muslim rules over me, he will not make me enter Heaven, and if an atheist rules me as, he will not get me out of it.”

By Ahmad alsarraf

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