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The sole issue which does not have result

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Twenty-five Ministers of Education have passed through the education sector during 60 years, half of them failed, and the government failed the efforts of the other half. Almost no one wants to be convinced that there is no planning, medicine, engineering, development, progress, true transparency, good government administration, nor the possibility of realizing any achievement without a distinguished education, this is how countries progressed and advanced, and without it other countries collapsed.

The first and last responsibility for education rests with the government represented by the Supreme Education Council, which has never had a clear role. It has neither succeeded in developing education, nor has it resigned acknowledging its inability, nor has it even protested against the marginality of its role.

Its main problem is that the one who heads it is the Minister of Education, which means he is the opponent and the judge. Perhaps negativity came from his feeling that he does not have the right to formulate education policies, so what he will do will be destroyed by those who come after him, and this has happened many times.

The supervisory bodies or councils also lack independence and real oversight powers. This is other than the availability of a not insignificant number of those who were appointed by intermediary in the most significant leadership positions, and they are unable to educate themselves, so how to provide the correct education for future generations. The National Authority for Academic Accreditation is almost paralyzed, and I do not know personally who manages it.

Perhaps empowering the Muslim Brotherhood in the ministry began early, with Khaled Al-Masoud Al-Fahid, a sympathizer of the Brotherhood, assuming the education portfolio in 1964 for twelve consecutive years.

In an investigation carried out by Al-Qabas a few days ago, it was stated that 22 ministers of the Ministry of Education had served in the position for a period ranging from one year to four, and some of them held the position for a few months, and some of them held a modest certificate, and this clearly shows that it is a portfolio that does not constitute any importance in the thinking of the government” and is of great importance in the Brotherhood’s religious thought,

A group, which has the best experience in developing education, believes that there are several reasons behind the failure of education, including: the link of implementation with the person of the minister, which exposes it to change with the change of officials, and the failure of reform projects were not considered of national projects, as they are limited to being projects related to the Ministry of Education, in addition to the minister’s refusal to involve teachers in educational policy-making processes.

Years ago, I could easily distinguish between my children and my brothers’ children and see which of them were educated or taught in a private school, and who learned in the government.

I relied in my observations on the degree of politeness and aggressiveness, and the degree of mastery of a second language. Today, after education has passed through that devastating storm, most students of the two systems have become equal in terms of lack of politeness, aggression, misbehavior, and weakness in the second language, thanks, in part, to the ministry imposing its curricula and visions on private schools and interfering in all their affairs.

The EF Foundation is considered one of the largest international institutions concerned with education, and it employs tens of thousands in several countries, and its reports are respected. In its recent report, it was stated that the competence of Kuwaiti students in foreign languages, even Arabic, is low.

The solution to the education problem lies in transferring the entire task to the private sector, with the exception of a few government schools in each region, and transforming the ministry into a developmental educational supervisory body instead of being a flabby executive body that does not know how to agree with a company to maintain or clean schools, let alone provide distinguished education for its students.

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By Ahmad alsarraf