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The roots of terrorism

Intisar Al-Ma’touq
There is a saying by Alija Izetbegoviç which goes like this — “Do not kill mosquitoes, but dry the swamps”.

Our societies today are injected with terrorism. The intelligence is tremendously working on planting a bomb in each and every house and forcing us to wrap explosive belts around our waists so that we kill each other and divide ourselves in order to achieve the dream “Middle East Zombie” of the international producer.

The terrorism we see today did not emanate or emerge from religious extremists all of a sudden. Modern terrorism has roots and origins. It is the legitimate child of freemasonry or the Masonic society.

Historically, terrorism did not have any link with the Islamic beard. It was not connected whatsoever to any part of the Middle East. In fact, it was Satan’s semen that fertilized in the womb of Europe before anywhere else in the world and from where it extended to the whole world.

The forerunners of terrorism are the Jewish “Rothschild” group which was formed in 1810 as a force to control Europe with an iron fist using money as a tool. They controlled the money and spearheaded terrorism, ambushing targeted societies by pumping money and spreading terror.

Disguised bandits inherited the legacy from generation to generation. Some say Amschel Mayer Salomon Von Rothschild divided the world among his five sons — Shunsh, Salomon, Nathan, Carl and James, giving them Germany, Britain, Austria, France and Italy respectively. He gave Luxembourg and United States of America to his grandchildren. All of them were keen to acquire wealth through robbery, fraud and provocation of seditions. The expansion was massive, starting from Europe and moving towards the Middle East where terrorism is flourishing.

The secretive Jewish family “Rothschild” has been ruling the world since 1810. Oscar Levy, a Jewish doctor affirmed that the Jews are the ones who planned and engineered the World War and what transpired thereafter in the form of destruction and shedding of blood. He even revealed that the French Revolution occurred under their orders.

This is just a historical dossier, but not a complete account of the Red Shield and Masonic Lodge. Those who say that terrorism knows no religion are wrong because terrorism is a sacred religion for the Jews and the belief of their intelligence. We are just targets in our countries. We are their biggest dream.

By Intisar Al-Matouq

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