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Thursday , December 8 2022

Tehran, Ankara cracked heads

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE principle of “Everything has a price” continues to elude both Tehran and Ankara to this day.

While Tehran seeks to fulfill the illusions of the Mullahs gang to dominate the region under the assumption that it can blackmail the world with its nuclear ambitions, Ankara on the other hand is delusional in its bid to revive the Ottoman Empire’s glory, and restore the reign of its 15th century leader Suleiman “the Magnificent”, which is also a mirage that will lead to the collapse of the children of the Ottomans.

This political demeanor has dragged the two countries into a state of economic and financial crises and tough living conditions. The testimony to that is the significant deterioration in the exchange rates of their local currencies.

The exchange rate of the Iranian toman to the US dollar is about 217,000 Iranian tomans, which is a natural result of Tehran’s absurd policies that have brought about the choking sanctions on it. Yet, it still challenges the international community with its interference in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iraq, and it continues to renege against the United Nations.

There is no doubt that the leadership in Iran will not learn from the past experiences of others, especially regarding weapons of mass destruction, which we have started hearing about through the explosion of Iran’s nuclear facilities in Natanz city and other facilities outside the agreements of the international community.

In this regard, we recall what happened in the year 1981 in Iraq when Israeli fighter jets, with international blessing, had launched raids on the nuclear reactor that was under construction.

It is forbidden for demented leaders such as Saddam Hussein to be in possession of such weapons of mass destruction, and the same applies to North Korea. For the last 30 years, North Korea has been trying to destabilize the world through its arsenal and its nuclear missiles, which however did not bring any relief for its economic crisis and international isolation.

If expansionism and threats were effective, Hitler would have succeeded in his bid for global dominance, and he wouldn’t have committed suicide along with his wife and dog in one of the Berlin’s bankers in 1945.

It is absolutely clear that Iran’s situation does not differ much from that of Turkey, which is ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood Group under the cover of the Justice and Development Party.

Turkey lost it all after it abandoned the “Zero-Problems Foreign Policy” and launched its active global economic movement with a large financial reserve and touristic activity that it did not experience in decades.

Today, it is begging at the gates of other countries due to its interference in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Cyprus, Greece, and currently in Libya, in addition to the internal crisis, the drastic rise in the number of political detainees under the pretext of their support for the theatrical coup, and its threat towards the European Union to dump illegal immigrants in a bid to blackmail the union.

All of this has led to Turkey plunging into a living crisis that revealed a deterioration in the exchange rate of its currency (Lira) to US dollars from one and a half to seven liras. This has prompted Erdogan’s party to establish an armed squad called “night guards” to protect the system that is eroded by popular anger and suicidal policies.

There is a historical consistency that cannot be overlooked in the modern era. The colonial countries were always destined to isolation and collapse, leading to widespread destitution in them, and falling prey to political and economic instability for decades.

Therefore, it seems the leadership in both Tehran and Ankara are knocking the rocks under the assumption of their ability to crack them, but all they end up with is their cracked heads and wrecked countries.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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