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Who hangs the bell?

SOME people believe that I am fond of criticizing specific positions and statements of a specific group of clerics. This is probably true, and I will not deny it. The truth will be known in the last part of the article. In a TV advert, the advertiser raised the issue …

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Traders in State diseases – ‘Society’ above the law

To open foodstuffs shop one requires quite some time, which may take up to six months and this period includes finding a place, money, rent and getting approval from the concerned authorities, in addition to other accompanying complications. But there is a society affiliated to a radical religious party, and …

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Friends matter, not interests – Stick to good in you

LONG time ago, our grandfathers said, “You are nothing if you have nothing.” Those were the good old days characterized by simplicity. At the time our grandfathers were neither good in affectation nor the exaggeration of emotions, they respected a person based on his character and personality without any regard …

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