The ‘indifferent’ society

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When you find yourself in a taxi in a densely populated capital city, passing through crowded streets, and seeing trash and hundreds of blatant violations, and no one to pay attention to them, and no one cares about anything, you feel sad for your inability to do something.

They have their excuses because earning a living is a top priority no matter how eye-catching and harmful to the eye, and you know these people lost their sense of time, may be forever.

But when we find feelings of indifference and carelessness are steadily rampant among us in a small rich country with few problems, it becomes a cause for question.

A friend drew my attention to the video clip which went viral showing a person sitting in a café close to the heart of the fire that engulfed a large part of Mubarakiya, while he was busy devouring his food and smoking shisha, not caring about what was going on around him.

We also find an increase in the manifestations of indifference in not reporting violations of water waste, extreme recklessness in driving, sitting children in the arms of their fathers or mothers while they are driving the car, or allowing a child to ride in a car half his body lunging out of the window and the person behind the wheel speeding without feeling the danger of what they are doing, or throwing waste anywhere, even if it is clean, and other very annoying behavior.

All of this indicate carelessness and all of them are a natural result of the death of the sense of responsibility within the soul, and the feeling that no matter what we do, the situation will get worse, so what is the use of struggle, complaining, reporting and what is resolved or repaired does not constitute anything in the sea of irregularities, corruption and thefts that the citizen hears and reads about every day, even every hour.

The responsibility to stop the deterioration of morale that afflicted almost everyone falls with the responsibility of the government, of course, with its various agencies, which has recently come to believe that the cure is to increase the religious dose, and the solution is to turn our streets into open mosques with thousands of religious advertisements of well-known aims.

It is also unfortunate to note that indifference has affected even the souls of the class that believes to be the most knowledgeable and educated, and holds the highest academic degrees.

As soon as the matter comes for their personal interest, we find that they forget all their previous academic titles and high diplomatic positions, and the question begins about the reason for my envy and my standing against the three thousand dinars grant to retirees, and that they deserve it because they have served the state for so long and so faithfully, unaware perhaps, that this harms the rights of others who are not retirees. They are partners in that money, and it is not permissible, just or legally to deprive them of it.

Of course, I am not against fairness for anyone, and I am not better than them, especially from those who deserve assistance who served the state, but if this is done, it must be from public money, and not at the expense of a specific group of people who are the partners in the Public Institute for Social Security.

The absence of this growing sense prompted the majority to repeat the saying – let the rules of justice and equality go to hell, as long as some steal and loot, and are not punished, and this is a feeling that almost everyone feels, so why should he sacrifice and become a “human” and a good citizen in an environment that is rapidly drifting into great corruption?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 14151 times!

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