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Friday , November 16 2018

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Notice period is it 26 days or 30 days per month?

I have one question, that I couldn’t find in Law of Labour in the Private Sector No. 6 of 2010. Quoted from your achieve regarding the term of working day in the link: http://www.arabtimesonline.com/ news/payroll-calculation/ “So, while calculating overtime, annual leave and indemnity we take the working days as 26. …

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Vacation leave between mandatory 3 months notice period

My vacation has been approved for July. But I planned my resignation 1st June. Hence June/July/August notice period. Is there any issue for vacation during notice period? Name withheld Answer: Of course there will be a problem as your vacation will come in between the mandatory three-month notice period. Unless …

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3 months notice period mandatory

I am expat with over 5 years on site constructing a major public works project 6 days per week. Upon return from annual leave on Aug 5, I received project demob letter dated July 27, 2017. It said my last day on the project is Sept 30. I have been …

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Notice period on temporary residence

I am working as Mechanical Supervisor in Kuwait and my contract and visa is expiring in October 2017. Is it possible to cancel without 3 months notice period in the company. Company is compelling to take temporary residence and to complete the notice period. Is there any solution for this? …

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Company has violated Kuwait Labor

I am currently working in a multi-national company (Kuwait branch), I was hired by this company from India and came to Kuwait on 2nd December 2016. I have signed an employment contract as per the Kuwait labour law which starts from the date of arrival ie (19 December 2016) and …

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Payment against notice period

Assalamualaikum sir, I am working in a reputed company. I resigned my position and I want to leave after 50 days and I am ready to pay the remaining 40 days notice period. But my manager is not approving it. Is it possible to leave after paying 40 days due. …

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Annual leave during notice period

I am working with a company since March 2009 and I gave my resignation in May 2017. I have 35 days annual leave. My question is can I forego this annual leave and work for another 2 more months to complete the 3 months notice period. Or can the company …

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Company is not willing to give release even after completing notice period

I have been working in a private company for the last 10 years. I am getting a good offer from another company and hence continuing with my current job. I have submitted my resignation. I am almost about to complete my notice period and have submitted all documents. But now …

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I cannot serve 90 days notice period, I am ready to compensate

I have been working in a private sector company in Kuwait for the last 1.5 years. Recently I got an opportunity to join a new company but they needed me to join them ASAP. Hence I cannot serve the 90 days notice period. I can only serve only 70 days …

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Notice period and Indemnity settlement

I have a problem regarding the 3-month notice period. I was terminated Aug 3 after which my company give me an option: first 1 month no work with pay and after 1 week all my settlement including indemnity would be paid. I took this option because I believed that they …

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