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Wednesday , November 14 2018

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Six held in cafe serving meals and sheesha during daytime in the holy month of Ramadan

KUWAIT CITY, June 14:Three Kuwaiti men, one Kuwaiti woman and two Egyptian expatriates were arrested from a café in Salmiya area which was serving meals and sheesha during daytime in the holy month of Ramadan. When Salmiya Police Station received information about the café which was serving customers during daytime …

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Kuwaiti man held eating in public

KUWAIT CITY, June 14: A Kuwaiti citizen was arrested for eating in public during daytime and attempting to run his vehicle over securitymen at a security checkpoint on Mubarak Al-Kabeer Cemetery Road. According to security sources, the suspect had arrived at the checkpoint but did not stop as he was …

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First I would like to wish you all a blessed Ramadan. After this Holy Month you may want to continue to keep fit and eat healthy. Intermittent fasting is a method you may want to try. What is intermittent fasting? Before I get into that, I can clearly vouch for …

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A challenge or exam?

One of the best memories that I always remember from my second homeland is about having Ramadan there. In December 1997 during Ramadan in Canada the time from dawn to sunset was very short while after breakfast (Iftar) it was long-lasting night time. Of course, this is not that easy …

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Consumption of food during Ramadan rises by 40 percent – ‘Wastage is about 50 pc’

KUWAIT CITY, May 29: Food consumption in Kuwait during the month of Ramadan has increased up to 40 percent, as per statistics compiled from the sales centers. According to sources, such rate of food consumption has led to increase in the expenditures related to food such that they range between …

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Three expats arrested for eating, smoking in public

KUWAIT CITY, May 29: Two Asian expatriates were arrested for eating in public during daytime in Shuwaikh Industrial Area. According to security sources, officers from the General Department of Criminal Security were patrolling Shuwaikh Industrial Area in search for wanted individuals, when they came across two Asian expatriates who were …

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Month of detention for public eating, drinking; Expats caught will be deported after the punishment ends

KUWAIT CITY, May 27: Those caught eating or drinking in public during daytime in the month of Ramadan will be detained until the end of the month. They explained that no special consideration or exception will be shown to any nationality, as violators of this law will be referred for …

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Ramadan … beyond just fasting

As we celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan this year, we have an unusual phenomenon with the whole world somehow focused on Islam. We have gone from the negative comments of Donald Trump and the fear of terrorism to the positive ideals of the new mayor of London and the …

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It’s all too much

A gracious host, and too many rich dishes. Enough to feed twenty hungry guests – but only ten at the dining table. This oft-repeated scenario of well-intentioned hospitality is quite common in Middle Eastern and Asian cultures. Sadly, however, the misplaced sense of generosity, leads to vast amounts of good …

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