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Saturday , August 24 2019

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Salary requirement for family visa

I work as senior financial analyst in a private company. My salary is KD 600 per month and KD 250 is house rent allowance. Am …

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Salary requirement to sponsor dependent visa for Wife and Children

Can you please let me know the salary required to bring my family on dependent visa for wife & two kids. Name withheld Answer: To …

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Profession ‘Accountant’ but visa provided is ‘waiter or clerk’, will I have problems?

I have received a offer letter from a company based in Kuwait, in which my profession is mentioned as ‘accountant’, but in the visa provided, …

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Sponsoring new born in Kuwait

Kindly let me know 2019 rules for the new born baby residence. I am on Visa 18 working in Kuwait and my salary is KD …

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Cost for dependent (Family) Visa

I am a Filipino and have been working in Kuwait for the last five years. Could you tell me how much it will cost me …

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Re-entry for dependent visa before 6 months

My daughter is studying in India and is on dependent visa. She exited Kuwait on May 28, 2018. Is she required to re-enter Kuwait on …

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Joining job in another GCC country – Do I have to cancel family members visas?

I want to cancel my residence visa as I am joining job in another GCC country. As my family is staying with me, do I …

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Transfering from dependent visa to pvt company visa

I would like to ask if it’s possible to transfer my Visa 22 to 18? I acquired my Visa 22 last Sept 26 and I …

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Daughter transferring back to dependent visa on fathers residence

Currently I am on working visa which is Article 18 is it still possible to transfer to Article 22 under my father’s visa again. What …

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Salary requirement to obtain dependent visa

How much salary is required to obtain family visa in Kuwait? Name withheld Answer: To apply for a family visa, the husband has to earn …

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