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Friday , November 16 2018

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Re-entry for dependent visa before 6 months

My daughter is studying in India and is on dependent visa. She exited Kuwait on May 28, 2018. Is she required to re-enter Kuwait on or before Nov 24, 2018 (180th day from last exit) or on Nov 27, 2018 (6 months as per date of exit). Your response is …

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Joining job in another GCC country – Do I have to cancel family members visas?

I want to cancel my residence visa as I am joining job in another GCC country. As my family is staying with me, do I have to cancel the visa of my family also or it will automatically get cancelled after 6 months. Name withheld Answer: The visas of your …

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Transfering from dependent visa to pvt company visa

I would like to ask if it’s possible to transfer my Visa 22 to 18? I acquired my Visa 22 last Sept 26 and I have an offer as a receptionist in a salon. Name withheld Answer: To be able to transfer your Visa 22 to 18, you should have …

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Daughter transferring back to dependent visa on fathers residence

Currently I am on working visa which is Article 18 is it still possible to transfer to Article 22 under my father’s visa again. What will be the procedures and how much will it cost? Name withheld Answer: Yes, it is possible for you to transfer back to Article 22 …

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Salary requirement to obtain dependent visa

How much salary is required to obtain family visa in Kuwait? Name withheld Answer: To apply for a family visa, the husband has to earn a monthly salary of KD 450 or more. Under Kuwait law, it is only the husband who can sponsor the wife and children on family …

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Cancelling wife’s dependent visa – Wife outside Kuwait

I want to cancel my wife’s family visa (22) but she’s in India and she can’t travel here because of medical reasons. Can I cancel her visa without she being here? I have her original Civil ID. Name withheld Answer: To be able to cancel your wife’s family visa, you …

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Exemption of minimum salary for designations to obtain dependent visa

I would like to be clear on the criteria and minimum salary required to acquire dependant visa for my spouse. The salary I receive from my company is KD 454 per month but in my work permit they have mentioned my basic salary as KD 401. I have read in …

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Some websites giving outdated information on dependent visa

I am working in Kuwait in a private sector in oil and gas construction and having a salary of KD 350 basic (KD 500 per month, 10 hours duty). Now I am planning to bring my wife with dependent visa, tell me is it possible with my current salary? Because …

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Age limit for boys on dependent visa

My elder son, will turn 18 years this Oct 18. He is presently studying in 12th standard. His visa will expire in Nov 18, 2018. Please advise the age limit for boys on dependent visa; whether I can still sponsor my son. Do I need to get a letter from …

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Mother sponsoring dependent visa for a 2 yr old child

I am a female expat in Kuwait, I am working as a teacher. My salary will be KD 820. Will I able to get dependent visa for my 2 years old child? (I am not divorced, and my husband is not travelling with me.) Thank for your answer in advance. …

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