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Tuesday , November 12 2019

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Searching of Legal Queries in Arab Times Website

In reviewing the above article 1 notice that you had mentioned that you had answered similar questions twice in a lot of detail. Would it …

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Minimum Salary To Sponsor Dependent Visa

Please, I would like to know what is the minimum salary for dependent family visa. My wife is pregnant and she will give birth in …

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Marginal profession applying for family visa

I am Indian National, bachelor degree holder, working as sales representative for a garment shop and my salary is KD 500 plus I receive KD …

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Coming back to Kuwait on new Visa – Family in Kuwait will it affect their residence?

Am cancelling my project visa this week and going to India. Planning to come in new visa to Kuwait. My son is under my residence. …

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Categories exempted from salary cap to sponsor family visa

I am working as a medical lab technician in a private hospital in Kuwait. My basic salary is KD 420. Can I sponsor my wife …

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Department clarifies reports on dependent, visit visas

‘Marginal professions’ not eligible KUWAIT CITY, Sept 5: The minimum salary cap which is set at KD 500 includes a new condition, reports Al- Anba …

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Family visa staying outside Kuwait for more then 6 mnts

Can my wife and daughter both having a family visa stay out of Kuwait for more than 6 months? If not, can I extend some …

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Transfer of Visa 22 (Dependent) to 18 (Private)

I am currently on Visa 22 and has been in Kuwait since December 2018. I want to start working in Kuwait soon. What are the …

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Processing fees for Dependent Visa

My husband’s basic salary is KD 620 can he sponsor me and our 7-month-old baby on dependent visa? And how much is the processing fee …

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Sponsoring a baby

My wife and I earn KD 110 and KD 350 respectively. Can we bring our baby to Kuwait? Name withheld Answer: It is possible to …

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