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Saturday , November 17 2018

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Abdullah II at the Fourth Circle

IT SEEMS the democracy in Jordan is unique in the Arab world, so protests to demand for amendment of the tax law are done in a civilized manner. We saw King Abdullah II leading his subjects to push for amendment of the law, or even complete restructuring of the economic …

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Abdullah the Second no to regime toppling

WHEN the volcanic lava of the ‘Arab Spring’ started to fl ow, some chaotic groups bet that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will be within the circle of fire. Hence, the media related to such groups focused on everything happening in Jordan in order to magnify it to show to …

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Who meets pragmatism of Abdullah II?

RECENTLY, King Abdullah II of Jordan talked about the importance of breaking the peace process deadlock between Palestine and Israel to reach a fair and permanent peace settlement based on the two countries’ solution during his meeting with the president of Panama. “This settlement leads to establishment of an independent …

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