Abdullah II at the Fourth Circle

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IT SEEMS the democracy in Jordan is unique in the Arab world, so protests to demand for amendment of the tax law are done in a civilized manner.

We saw King Abdullah II leading his subjects to push for amendment of the law, or even complete restructuring of the economic responsibilities borne by a Jordanian. For this, Jordanians consider his recent speeches as a roadmap towards the solution. These are the real Jordanians who work for the sake of their country. They are not the ones riding on the back of Arab protest to promote themselves and snatch power as was the situation in Libya, Egypt, Syria and Gaza; which Hamas transformed into a mass prison sinking in hunger, killing and crises.

It is true that Jordanians are considered a red line as affirmed by King Abdullah II. At the same time, those who understand the current situation feel that the regime is a red line. This is the reason for reaction to slogans raised by the Muslim Brotherhood lately, especially their request for collapsing the government.

The citizens distanced themselves and condemned them. This is another affirmation that the citizens of this country will never allow anybody to capitalize on their plight or a passing crisis to fish in troubled waters to achieve their suspicious objectives.

Yes, Jordan may be affected by the global recession and it will not be left alone to face the challenge. The geographical, political and even economic significance of this country came forth in the past years when the destructive groups ignited the Arab world. It is the first wall of protection for the Arabian Gulf countries and shield against possible harm. Despite efforts to weaken its resistance for the past 40 years, it remains resolute and strong in protecting this region.

In order to lay down the roadmap for implementation, Jordan needs a strong government with the capability to exploit massive economic opportunities, take bold decisions, understand the requests of Jordanians, and activate economic ties with the world.

Some years ago, Jordanians initiated what is known as ‘desert tourism’. It was an attraction for several thousands of those who have a penchant for experiencing a world covered with the glamour of hidden history under the highlands and valleys of the region and walking on old roads used by humans thousands of years ago. However, security unrests and incidents in several Arab countries weakened enthusiasm towards such kind of tourism.

The first motivation for democratic and transparent initiatives is top level government encouragement, which is required to move towards the direction of opening the domestic market to Arab and foreign investors. This will transform the seven mountains of Jordan into global and Arab beacons while awareness of the people will override those with suspicious goals — Arabs or foreigners. The reason is that such a country is blessed with vigilant citizens who are capable of performing miracles that only require motivation to change their fate and come out clean from the crisis.

The roadmap laid down by King Abdullah II was inspired by the situation of citizens. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration if we say that he is present at the Fourth Circle; transmitting concerns of his subjects to the relevant institutions in order to solve the crisis and put every individual in front of his national responsibility.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – 07Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 10057 times!

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