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Thursday , January 21 2021

‘Suits tailored as per desires’

The overwhelming majority of hardliners and religious people, including Muslims, Jews, Christians and others, live within a system of religious teachings that forbid them to do many things, and at the same time demand that they adhere to other things and perform them daily, quarterly or annually.

Over time, groups are formed in every religious society, divided based on the way they practice their beliefs. There is a rare minority that rejects the entire religious system, and these often do not pose a threat to others.

A second group adheres to the entire religious system in a strict manner, and they are also considered a minority, but their numbers are greater than the first, and their influence is much stronger, and thus, despite their small number, they pose a threat to others because of their willingness to resort to violence if necessary.

As for the third group, which is the largest, and the most prominent, especially in Muslim societies, they choose the middle path, so they think, accept or reject what deems appropriate according to their mood and psychological state, from religious orders and prohibitions, or from the ‘sins’ so that they become like suits tailored according to their desires.

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Some believe that there is no harm to society from the third category, as long as it chooses to view religion and accept it in a way that suits it, and this is true in open societies, but most of our societies are conservative and do not allow this category to live in peace, and thus they push them to live different and contradictory lives, or at least two lives.

The first is committed to praying, fasting, and performing the rest of the rituals, and the other is frivolous and contravenes in many of its actions as agreed upon in the Sharia and what the religion forbids.

It is difficult for the affiliates to this category, mainly those who are not committed to some or all of the rituals of worship, or sometimes laziness in their performance and they admit that to others, especially in light of societal and family pressures. They often strive to cover up their negligence as much as possible by lying and hypocrisy, by showing what society likes to hear, and acts in the opposite direction, secretly.

This creates a contradiction within them in a manner that it makes it easy to lie, claim something and do the opposite, and this is what happens in our societies, in word and deed, becoming most receptive on earth to lying, and contradicts oneself and others, thus these people are neither able to keep up with society in all its requirements, nor able to admit or do openly a majority of these actions contrary to religion, so we see them do opposite and this is known as hypocrisy.

It also created a problem for them in coexistence with the other, the non-Muslim. For example, they refuse to reveal the fact that they consume what they should not in their Muslim surroundings and society, and at the same time refuse to inform a non-Muslim that they fast or praying.

Some of them return, for example, after Friday prayers return their shops and indulge in illegal practices – buying and selling, fraud, accepting bribe, and in the bargain disrespecting a charter, covenant, causing constant delay in working hours of their employees, and other contradictory behavior, without  feeling guilty or regret.

I traveled to almost all countries of the world, and know many people and deal with them humanely and commercially. For more than half a century, I have not seen people who lie easily with all this spontaneity like us.

e-mail: a.alsarraf@alqabas.com.kw

By Ahmad alsarraf

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