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Suitable decision & civilized action

TUNISIA’S Cabinet Council issued a decision to prohibit religious groups in the country from establishing political factions under the guise of religious slogans. Such a decision is based on the fact that Tunisia is a civil political entity as stipulated by its constitution.

Indeed, that is a good decision and beautiful words, but we are yet to know what the fate will be for Rachid al-Ghannouchi and his party, which is the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood Group in Tunisia. The value of this group on the wanted list continues to increase, especially after the conflict that some Gulf countries and Egypt has with Qatar.

Given that we support and uphold the principles of freedom of speech, opinion, choice of faith and ideology, but because of the past and present actions of the Muslim Brotherhood Group, it is hard to believe it can adhere to such principles especially after achieving its objectives.

This group follows these principles only as a means of reaching the position of authority and decision making. After that, it turns its back on them. This has nothing to do with the moralities and the statements issued in this regard by the scholars of the Muslim Brotherhood Group in the past and the present.

We wish to see this kind of deserved awakening someday being passed to the Arab governments as well. Topping the list would be our well-guided government of the State of Kuwait so that it will devitalize these forces and give them unexaggerated credit, but most importantly, be very cautious about such groups.

Enough of the infinite slackness practiced by our government in confronting the heads of extremism, “takfiris” and murderers who brag about their atrocities and whose names are included in the terrorist lists of international organizations and major countries, most recently of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The latest list includes the names of the most dangerous people in the world, but our government, as usual, did not even flinch. This is indeed irrational, senseless and incomprehensible.

Every religion, including Islam with all its obligations, prohibitions and desirables, exhort tolerance and co-existence with other people who do not wage war or bear animosity against you. However, extremists are firm about severing relations with others and declaring them as infidels, even if they belong to the same faith. They cannot deal with others without ethical or religious restraint, which they even did to some countries using freedom of opinion and faith as an excuse.

Despite the fact that we are overwhelmed by fundamentalism, I was amazed by a situation that took place last week in an atheist nation — as regarded by extremists — where youths perpetrated killings and slaughtering in many European countries. Innocent civilians of that country suffered from bloody criminal activities of those people who have been hardened due to high dosages of extremism, rigidity and condemnation received from their countries of origin or their countries of residence, even though they were born and bred there!

Back to the incident, which delighted my mind despite the overwhelming number of Islamic fundamentalists (Islam is blameless for it), is the inauguration of the largest mosque in Munich, Germany.

Another incident, which was not widely publicized but which amazed me, was that the Belgian monarch King Philippe had joined a Muslim family at Gent City along Belgium-Netherlands border for Iftar (breaking fast). The king acted in a civilized manner by joining a Muslim family for Iftar.

Declaring solidarity and acceptance of Belgians to all human beings, irrespective of their religion and faith, had sparked controversy. The eminent monarch dined with the Moroccan Bin Jadw family in the presence of six grandchildren of the house. That means three generations of Muslims had Iftar with the Belgian monarch. This definitely was a sign of co-existence and cohesiveness.

From this humble platform, we commend the civilized humane action of the Belgian monarch towards all Muslims, moderate and others. I hope those among them who are perverted in vision and faith will regain their senses and right vision!

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By Ali Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil



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