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‘Stem the rot with will-power’

‘The area of Kuwait is 18,000 km square and the population does not exceed a million and a half by far, and communities from different countries of the world live in peace, working is easy, and the authority enjoys the respect and love of everyone, and there are no dangerous issues facing the state as its resources are enormous and it has huge financial reserves but it suffers from several semi-permanent causes, including, but not limited to – the insistence of relying on a single source of income, refusal to impose taxes on the income of individuals and companies.

It also suffers from serious failure to hold the accused senior personnel accountable, refusal to exploit alternative sources of energy, refusal to reform the political system or reform the administration. Refuse to amend demographics; random appointments go on unabated in highest positions, rejection to the Civil State and openness to the world.

Because of all these matters, the Ministry of Awqaf has become more powerful and more important than the ministries of Education, Culture, Literature, Arts and Information combined. Because of this, the government has been unable to address a petty issue such as getting rid of a mountain of old tires for more than ten years.

Because of the diseases of the government administrative apparatus, we were unable to appoint a director for the Anti-Money Laundering Department for many years. Due to our chronic illnesses and misfortune, the reopening of a market for vegetables has become news, and connecting electricity to a cooperative society is news that tops the local news.

Because of all this, it was not surprising that, years ago, the government announced that it had suddenly discovered that the stock of passports had expired, followed by another announcement that it ran out of license plates. Because of that, it became a normal matter to search, in the few hours preceding the announcement of the ministerial formation, a complementary minister, in any way, as if all the time we had to choose them was not enough.

In a fire that contaminated large parts of the country as a result of burning large quantities of damaged vehicle tires in the Rehya area, it was surprising, as if we did not expect this to happen for a thousand times.
We are no longer surprised if mobs surround a police vehicle and severely beat the police personnel despite the recurrence of such incidents and everything ends the next day amicably with intervention of some (influential people).

Our situation is really miserable, and adjusting it does not require much effort but rather will power and strength in decision-making: Our economic situation needs to be rescued, and our trading position is on the decline, and morals at clear risk, nevertheless, the policy of procrastination and delay prevails.

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