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Solution to Syria starts in ‘Dera’a’

AMERICA and Russia have announced the start of a ceasefire in the southern part of Syria. Despite the absence of the Syrian role in the decision — whether the party supporting America or the one supporting Russia, it still signals the beginning of a transitional period which includes the refugees returning home after they became a major problem that Arab and foreign countries are facing. The decision may put an end to the aimless seven-year war.

When the ‘Rasputin of Qatar’, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, boasted happily about Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood being the first to spark the so-called Arab Spring, he was not aware that when a beast is free, it eats those who raised it.

This is what happened in Tunisia where the fire started, then in Libya and Egypt where the fire settled during the so-called Jan 25, 2011 uprising. At the time, the Muslim Brotherhood took advantage of the popular passion through their deceiving slogans.

Nevertheless, when the people realized the truth about the ‘Office of Villains’ rule that threatened the future of Egypt and directed it to a dark tunnel of violence and starvation in addition to putting billions of dollars in the bank accounts of the members of the office, they rushed to the streets under the protection of the Egyptian Army in order to restore the country which was about to be stolen.

In Syria, the scene was much darker as the civil war lasted for almost seven years. The calculations of the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar and the involved Arab countries were completely wrong.

In Tunisia, the Army opted to rescue the country from civil war by putting pressure on President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali forcing him to step down.

In Egypt, the Army chose to represent the safety valve, leaving politics and democracy to give their fruits.

In Syria, the Army, supported by a considerable number of people, decided to support the regime from the very beginning; but due to the insistence of the Muslim Brotherhood to take the war to its climax, they lost control and the war turned out to be a proxy war between America and Russia on the Syrian land.

The vague vision of both sides has prompted them to open their treasuries before the armed groups, turning Syria into a battleground where hundreds of militias are fighting and each one has its own agenda that might contradict the agenda of their ‘engine’ (Turkey, Qatar and Muslim Brotherhood).

Thus, when the number of militias reached 1,200, all parties discovered the exceptional situation of terrorist groups which found a suitable place in Syria to train, attack and send their members to commit terrorist crimes around the world. They also realized the danger posed by the situation in Syria which attracted militias supported by Iran in order to control parts of Syria even if they were supported by the Syrian regime.

Today, the world is facing results of the fire game that the Muslim Brotherhood started in Syria — represented by millions of Syrian refugees spreading throughout Europe or the militias which threaten the security of neighboring countries especially in Lebanon where Hezbollah controls the entire State.

Everybody has to face the truth. The Syrian president is now wandering on the streets of Damascus after the Army supported by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah restored complete control over many Syrian cities. On the other hand, the opposition has not reached any level of agreement that might enable it to negotiate with the Syrian regime after seven years of war.

It seems everybody needs to admit that the war will not end through a perfect victory for one side and perfect defeat for the other. Everybody needs to realize the truth that the best way to stop the bleeding of Syrians and to dispose terrorist groups is to ‘trap’ terrorism by starting a reconstruction program in the presence of the current regime.

It is the duty of Bashar al-Assad to call on Syrian refugees to come back home and to guarantee their safety and stability. An Arab-European Marshal project must be launched soon. It is much better to spend billions of dollars in reconstruction rather than financing wars which resulted in major losses — more than that of World War I and II.

Let the Arabs and others who participated in extending the war in Syria admit that they failed to depose the Syrian regime. Let them admit it is not possible for any of the parties to achieve perfect victory.

Let everybody participate in actions which exclude killing and devastation. Let the Syrians choose their ruler freely, away from any external interference.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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