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Wednesday , July 17 2019

Slam the door on their faces

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

Following the recent discovery in Bahrain and Kuwait, do our governments still need more evidence on Iran’s terrorist approach before taking proper measures against the regime, which has not taken a single step for peace and stable relations with its neighbors for the past 36 years? Isn’t it time for governments to listen to the voices of the masses?

For a long time, GCC nationals have been dominated by a notion that necessitates the slamming of door in the evil face of Iran to pave way for their countries to enjoy peace and stability, in view of the fact that calm diplomatic policies and positive neighborliness with Iranian regime is futile.

Iran’s politics that focuses on dominating the region is unchanging. Therefore, the step taken by the Kingdom of Bahrain has received huge support among other GCC countries. Now, we are waiting for the remaining Gulf States to take similar steps by cutting relationships with Iran to end the chronic headache she causes, as the headache has no cure apart from cauterization.

It is no longer a secret that Iran sees the calm and wise politics of GCC countries as the weakness of Arabs, while our patience and long deliberations before decision-making translates to fear of its romp. Iran has been having its way with Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Now, she is stretching its tentacles to Bahrain and Kuwait to the point where it prefers using intimidation tone over the voice of wisdom, making it difficult if not impossible to have any constructive dialogue with its neighbors. Even if dialogue is initiated, Iran will still see it as ‘submission’ of the regional countries to its policies. That’s why it’s necessary to shut all doors.

Subsequent to the discovery of weapons and equipment for making bombs in Bahrain-and with several facts pointing to involvement of the Embassy of Iran in Manama in plotting against Bahrain, it is hard to imagine someone saying ‘good relations with Iran is still possible’. If that ever happens, GCC countries would be overlooking the danger Iran poses, because she exempts no country in the region, including Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain or UAE, and the grand prize will be the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Recent threats and intimidation by Iran’s supreme spiritual leader Ali Khameinei is clear indication of Iran’s hostility toward the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is a clear declaration of war. It is time for the Gulf Cooperation Council, and most of all Saudi Arabia, to listen attentively to the masses who are calling for a momentous decision; disciplinary decision of cutting all ties with Iran-diplomatic, commercial and economic.

By this decision, there will be no more of its embassies in GCC capitals to operate spy rings or brew terrorism, chaos and sectarian and ethnic sedition. In fact, the Gulf countries need to adopt ‘tit for tat’ politics by aiding the Awaz Arab resistance that strives for independence in one of the richest lands occupied by Iran since the early years of last century when Iran ‘’persianized’’ the area to erase the Arab identity. Indeed, GCC countries have lots of strong cards in hand that can be used in the combat against the Iranian evil, coupled with strong decisive coalition that demonstrates determination and commitment to face the evil neighbor.

The ‘’decisive storm’’ coalition is the basis upon which Arab-Islamic political, military and economic coalition can be built to combat the Persian politics of conspiracy, expansion and backstabbing.

In history, the “Sasans” on several occasions were crushed before Islam in the battle of Dhi Qar, and the Khosrow Anashiron was defeated during the Islamic era when Persians were defeated in Qadisiya, Iraq, the burial ground of Persian Empire.

Today, many Arab nations can transform to become the burial ground of Iran whether in Yemen where its expansionist scheme is being crushed, or in Iraq and Syria. There is no doubt that the followers of Iran in other Arab countries will experience the taste of defeat, because the grandchildren of Khosrow apparently have failed to learn from history, and they need to learn it now through a strong decisive Arab stance that may return them to their senses. However, we cannot bet on the frenzy of nutcase and terror of someone who is used to it.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor in-Chief, the Arab Times

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