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From Sharm el-Sheikh to Sa’saa!

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

WRITING about politics is disgusting and has never been encouraging. It does not promote the idea of holding a pen or pressing keyboard buttons. In view of the fact that I love literary writing and have passion for reading literary pieces through which I find satisfaction in voracious reading, I lost many of these during the era of DAESH as well as the assemblage and trumpets of sectarianism everywhere.

I got a pleasant surprise yesterday when I received a literary WhatsApp file from a big brother — Mr Yasin Al-Hassawi. He usually sends huge documents whose contents covered the Jarat Al-Qamar (Moon’s Neighbor) ‘Feyrouz’, poet of women Nizar Qabani and several other notable poets. I will present the text as received from Mr Al-Hassawi who affirmed that he also got the message via WhatsApp.

Here is the message and I hope the Arab Times translator will do justice to the translation with a high standard.

When Feyrouz sings, “Now, now, not tomorrow … now is the time to return,” Nezar Qabani responds, “Feyrouz, what will prompt the return…that return can only be possible if guns are available, so pardon me and accept my apology…there is no return if conspiracy continues … from Sharm el-Sheikh to Sa’saa.”

Tamim Al-Bargouthi responds to Nezar saying, “Sorry, Feyrouz and Nezar … the situation now is more terrible if your time was unpleasant … the era of our leaders was more repulsive when the rascals were playing with our nation … playing with the flesh of children and the place needs people … people also need guns but poor people are isolated…so where do you expect guns to come from?!”

The Iraqi poet responds to poems of Nezar Qabani and Tamim Al-Bargouthi, “Apology to Feyrouz and Nezar … Apology for your lofty positions and apology to Tamim Al-Bargouthi … If I need to say the worst thing I will say it now not tomorrow … it is not yet time for return since Baghdad has also joined Al-Quds … everybody witnesses and hears about the subservient Arab people … they no longer search for guns but dollars to enable them to liberate discos among Arabs quickly.”

Sudanese poet Qaisd Abdul-Rahman Omar responds to all of them saying, “Apology to poets of our nation … the situation is so bad that revolution is even useless … the worst people are the ones benefiting and there is no more passion for determination…gallantry is dead at the source and nothing ties us together again … religion and race no longer unite us … pen no longer unites us … so the situation is more terrible now.”

The dialogues needed here with lofty contribution from Sudanese Qais Abdul-Rahman after the excellent contribution from the Iraqi and fantastic poem from Tamim Al-Bargouthi, I tried in futility to know the name of the Iraqi poet whose comment deserves a deep thought and appreciation in the era of sectarian skirmishes and bloody incidents.

How wonderful it is to read such a befitting literary piece, even if it is just a few lines, to make us forget about misfortune and problem of politics. This is because literature visits to remove filths and impurities of politics while perfuming the place with its exquisiteness. This will purify minds and bring hope for a better tomorrow. What brings us together as Arabs far outweighs what divides us. We should return to original culture as the method of eliminating the prevalent culture being spread by political traders to enable them to perpetrate corruption on Earth.

Appreciation to Mr Yasin, praying that Allah Almighty return you safely from London to Kuwait. I am still expecting more of such a beautiful message.

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By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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