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Set compass right, bring Lebanon back to Arab shore

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE principles are crystal clear for the government of Lebanon to return to the Arab fold. The Lebanese don’t have to sift through the minutes of the meeting that are held at the behest of the Iranians with the barrel of the gun pointed at the heads of its ministers.

The Lebanese must go back to the covenant of the Arab League and the bilateral protocols signed between Lebanon and the GCC countries to identify its destiny. It is time for Lebanon to realize that the steps which have been taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and supported by the GCC countries run parallel to the ‘Storm of Resolve’.

We are in the midst of an Arab earthquake. The Arabs are determined to rescue Lebanon provided Beirut grabs the offer, leans on the shoulders of the Arabs and work seriously to reclaim the rights which have been confiscated by the so-called ‘Hezbollah’ — the group that works diligently to strip Lebanon of its surroundings and change its direction towards the Mediterranean Sea.

The conflict is not with the Lebanese or any of its social components, but the government policy which works to promote the Iranian agenda after voluntarily surrendering to the Persian guardianship and succumbing to its tool which is no longer a secret to anyone.

The stand taken by the GCC countries following the periodic review of relations with Lebanon has not come as a bolt from the blue. It is the result of constant tirades hurled by Hassan Nasrallah and his gang at a patient man and the GCC states.

It is a well-known fact that Nasrallah has taken Lebanon to the brink of disaster by indulging people in sectarian and doctrinal conflicts which Lebanon cannot afford because it has inherited enough problems from its civil war.

Today, if Beirut wants to return to its past glory and make Lebanon the Switzerland of the Middle East, a haven of civilization and resource of knowledge in the Arab world, and also make it the hub for popular Arab investment, it has to renounce Iranian domination and not only rein in the abuses of Hezbollah terrorists against the GCC countries. Lebanon must also change its attitude towards the Arab nations — for example in a country like Syria where people are butchered by the Nasrallah gangsters.

The Lebanese must also provide a one-way ticket to the Persian big mouths to Iran where they can do as they please — be either individuals or soldiers of the ‘top cleric’ without forcing the Lebanese to bear the cost.

If this does not happen, ‘he’ will continue to suck the blood of the Lebanese and all Arabs disregarding the keenness of the wise people in that country who have dodged the recurrence of the civil war.

Lebanon which is known for resisting those who try to confiscate its decision-making process and uprooting its Arab belongingness must choose between patriotism and Arab nationalism on one side or be a part of the cattle which deafens its ears by its growling and howling and lies to which he has become accustomed since he was a boy that Lebanon is under Persian guardianship disregarding history, geography and even the air that he breathes.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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