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‘Set an example for people’

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‘Spurious campaign’

‘God and Gabriel and his angels support Erdogan’, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.

I have never before seen a more false campaign embarked upon by the Muslim Brotherhood like the one I saw over the past few days especially in Kuwait and their demand to support the weak Turkish lira not for the love of the Turks and Erdogan but for their interests and investments.

One of them is a doctor who no longer uses that title preceding his name because he stands accused of stealing the works of others. He called on the Kuwaitis to give Eid gifts to their children in Turkish lira,  donate the sacrifices to the Turks, and exchange the Turkish lira with our hard currency.

These people do not know or they do not want to know that the lira has continued to fall for more than ten years because of the dependence of the Turkish economy on the large expansion and lavish spending on investments in tourism and urban projects, accompanied by uncontrollable inflation since a long time.

The increased spending in the consumer and real estate sectors and the skyscrapers dotting the skyline, however important they may be, cannot repay the country’s debt of over $506 billion and this has resulted in the exchange rate of the lira falling to 7.24 per dollar, and rose again temporarily due to some factors.

It is evident that all  this happened because of Erdogan’s policies and unjustified obstinacy. All this played a role in the fall of the ‘miracle man’ economist (Erdogan) because of his lack of basic knowledge of economic rules, his refusal to pay heed to the advice of the Central Bank, and the appointment of his son-in-law as finance minister.

He claims, for example, that low interest rates lead to lower inflation, and vice versa, of course. His military intervention and adventures in the region has exhausted the economy of Turkey. This is in addition to the repercussions of the 2017 failed coup, the detention of the American pastor, which has resulted in the United States imposing huge taxes on steel imports from Turkey.

All this has negatively reflected on the lira and the situation got worse when he insisted to escalate the confrontation with America and the European Union.

In this context, MP Ahmad Al-Fadhel said: “Those Kuwaitis who advocate donations to Turkey and call for investments in Ankara is nothing but a binding legal obligation which can only be described as ‘mother of all scandals’.

Al-Fadhel said: “We do not have an iota of hatred against Turkey or its friendly people, and we are very saddened by the difficult economic conditions which Ankara is passing through, but in the past few days a number of Kuwaiti preachers and clerics have been urging citizens to make donations towards Turkey, invest in Ankara, change their dinars to the Turkish lira, and not to sell any property owned by them even if they lost more than half of its value, claiming that bearing losses is a legitimate duty binding on them. I swear by God this is the mother of all farces.

Al-Fadhel wonders: “Is it not a legitimate duty to support the Egyptian economy which has been staggering for years, and the economic problems of Somalia, Yemen and other Muslim countries suffering from poverty and ignorance for decades; however we heard no word from these clerics about ‘binding’ and ‘legitimate’ obligations.”

They are the clerics of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose  intentions surface during such crises, showing their reverence for the party and preferring it to the homeland and the interest of the citizens.

Our advice to them is ‘donate your money first’ and set an example to the people before throwing the citizens’ savings into the Turkish ‘sinkhole’.

One of the MPs says support for Turkey at this stage is a victory for the nation. He went on to say any war against one Muslim country with the aim of harming it, is a war against all Muslims.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf