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Saturday , April 20 2019

Seriousness tested

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

SOME have become experts in causing confusion in all steps taken by the government, such that they opened a bazaar for exploiting the emotion of people and invest it to serve personal interests. This is applicable to reactions to the decision to increase fuel prices.

The former and current lawmakers are trying to achieve political gains through their positions, so they have been presenting recommendations whose contents are void of fiscal solutions. On the other hand, the traders intend to use alarm for raising their profits without justification.

As a reminder, when the government increased the price of diesel, all prices burst into flame with conscious justification that majority of the means for transporting commodities use diesel. However, what will be their excuse now that the prices of fuel are raised, other than inflating profits?

On the suggestions presented by lawmakers, we do not believe these will be beneficial since the government has disclosed non-readiness to reverse all economic reform procedures. As a matter of fact, they took the decision after exhaustive consideration of the contributions of internationally reputable institutions, including the World Bank.

Do the nullified and current honorable lawmakers think the right solution is for the government to spend all resources as they come in and continue recycling them until it reaches the state of bankruptcy, up to the extent that its credit ranking will change to tarnish its reputation? I believe the open opposition of lawmakers will be met with clandestine support, but this is different with the government because the decision in the calculation of lawmakers means losing the fundamental card in their electoral campaigns which will start within the next few months.

Majority of them want to invest in delaying commencement of the economic reform program in their seminars. Those people forget that Kuwaitis are now experienced in the style of candidates, knowing they need “funeral where they will be satisfied with wailing.” Thereafter, everybody will face his desired interests.

Those who exploit the emotions of people should realize that the pile up of errors will lead to a chronic disease from which the country cannot come out safe. Spread of the disease can be prevented only by taking precautionary measures. If anybody wishes to insult the government to become a hero before the populace, then he is dead wrong. This is because he should read the situation and present scientific alternatives to this issue and others.

Therefore, they must steer clear of bogus heroic actions. On the basis of ‘harmful might be beneficial’ policy, the current fiscal crisis could be historically appropriate for the government, so it should not waste opportunities similar to the previous ones that could have been used to rectify economic deficit. This is necessary if the government is really serious in resolving the crisis to maintain the nation’s fiscal status and credit evaluation.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


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