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Wednesday , July 24 2019

Salman … eye on Saudi and the other guarding the Gulf

THE appointment of the young prince, Mohammad bin Salman, as Crown Prince signals the beginning of a new era — rejuvenation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and pumping of new blood into the highest positions through revitalization of the decision-making base in the ruling house by transferring huge responsibilities to the new generation.

This is happening at a vital stage in the history of the Kingdom and the region. This huge operation, led by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, assures that the future is being made by people who have been nurtured in the house of the founding King and his veteran children.

This comes at a time which affirms that Saudi Arabia is a force not affected by any regional event in terms of continuing the implementation of its local and foreign plans.

Undoubtedly, this is a grand step that needs a distinguished historic personality not only in relations with the Kingdom, but with the region as a whole.

This personality knows the needs of his people and mentality of the young generation. There is no other personality deep into in the history of the region, its people, pedigree and events like that of King Salman bin Abdulaziz who possesses a great deal of patience in solving problems and rules based on justice.

For the past six decades, this man has been efficient and influential with the movement of history in and outside the Kingdom. He started this revitalizing process since he assumed power on Jan 23, 2015 by restructuring the State establishment based on well-deliberated study, training and testing of people in difficult tasks.

In the course of two years, the Kingdom witnessed issuance of major and strategic decisions on both local and foreign aspects, whereas it is unprecedented for the Kingdom to witness thrust of royal decrees which covered all aspects of life. With these decrees, King Salman transformed the vast Arabian Peninsula into an active workshop which is able to engage in defensive battles to protect the region from Iranian aggression.

This Iranian expansionism aggression is covered with several masks, whether in Yemen where the ‘decisive storm’ foiled it in the hands of Houthis who were used as a tool, or in Bahrain where Iran wanted to make it a part of its evil tentacles, or even in the local aspect in the preemptive operations against the terrorist cells.

The King of quick decisions managed to put chaos away from the region. If it were not for his courageous decisions and if the Kingdom did not depend on its diplomatic efforts, the Arab Peninsula, starting from Hormuz Strait, would have been living under the occupation of Iran — just like Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Hence, the Saudis and other Gulf nationals see that King Salman is the most important king of Saudi Arabia, which is the economic and political giant of the region as a whole.

This man who extended a hand for building and the other one for defending the nation has kick-started the major workshop of rejuvenating and upgrading the Kingdom in all levels.

He reorganized the establishment in a manner that will cut expenditure and wastage without affecting the pockets of citizens. He launched major projects, and at the same time, worked on restructuring Saudi’s house of rule which contains a significant number of youths who are armed with knowledge and expertise.

This made the process of refreshing and revitalizing the decision-making base effective, after getting rid of flabbiness which came as a result of the past eras that led to slowing down of the production wheel which affected the economic movement of the Kingdom.

Today, the youths in the Saudi royal family played their role to appoint Prince Mohammad bin Salman as Crown Prince. Without a doubt, the ambitions of the youthful Crown Prince are very big. He expressed them in a series of measures, plans and visions he has put in place over the past two years when he was the Deputy Crown Prince during which he scored huge success.

The new Crown Prince is aware of the enormous capabilities of the Kingdom. He knows very well how to use them and put them in the right place — whether they are finances, expertise or in the form of human resources represented by youths who are keen on contributing to building their nation and modernizing it to be on par with advanced countries run by a mentality befitting modern times. All these characteristics qualify him to play this historic role which is being shaped by the events in the region.

The smooth transition to the phase of the youth assuming the responsibility of running the country assures all GCC nationals, not only Saudis, that the future is in safe hands. There should be no fear for of what lies ahead because the big stable train has generations of leaders and rulers who have proven their abilities as they have been subjected to experience before assuming bigger responsibilities.

Undoubtedly, there are eye-catching measures awaiting the Kingdom in the next phase. Therefore, our attention in the Gulf is directed towards the compass of the whole region — the dear kingdom and country of King Salman bin Abdulaziz who waits with an attentive and cautious eye for Saudi Arabia from one side, and the Gulf on the other side to keep it as an oasis of security, development, stability and prosperity.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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