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Sunday , January 17 2021

Response to silly Iraqi tweet


He said in a tweet: The Persians are uncivilized Asian nomadic tribes, who became civilized when they occupied Iraq and so was the case with the Arabs and Mongols who became civilized when they occupied Iraq. He also posted other tweets and spewed psychological nodes, describing Kuwait and some of its symbols rudely and mocked the refusal of the Kuwaiti government to drop loans of borrowers from banks, and expressed his pride that the Iraqi people throughout its history did not borrow from banks. This is a silly comparison, a sign of shallow thought and claimed, unashamedly, that Kuwait trembled with his tweets.

We would have not paid attention to what he said if he had not gone too far with his rubbish and poisonous tweets on the anniversary of the Iraqi invasion and occupation of Kuwait and when he conducted a questionnaire on his Twitter account asking Iraqis: Is Kuwait a land stolen from Iraq or an old independent country?

The answer was shocking, nearly 5,000 people participated in the vote and 38% said Kuwait is Iraqi territory and 62% said it is an independent country, but he continued in his lies and insisted that Kuwait belongs to Iraq, so it was necessary to respond to him and to his like.

Sayyed Iyad Jamal al-Din – who wears a Shiite religious robe complete with a black head turban – Kuwait disobeys you and others like you, not because you are strong or possess lethal weapons, but because Iraq is a country of free people who know Iraq better than you but you do not know its modern history.

All the Kuwaiti people love their leadership unlike your people who do not love any of your ruling regimes. The Kuwaiti people will fight you and resist you and will not allow you to be comfortable if you dare come to our land again.

We in Kuwait are free, and we are not problem seekers, and I do not want to enter with you in a historical controversy agreed upon by everyone, and the fact that if you see that Kuwait belongs to Iraq then we dare say Iraq belongs to the Ottoman Turks and if we assume that there are a few who support your point of view regarding Kuwait’s subordination to Iraq, what does this claim benefit you or others? Neither you nor anyone else in today’s world is able to occupy the land of others.

You have to go back and read history and learn to look at the examples around you to know that civil wars and neighboring wars and wars of occupation have only resulted in bloodshed, burning, killing, displacement and destruction.

Just pay attention to your homeland and try to do everything possible for its development and leave others alone, the vain destruction and devastation of human beings and plants in Iraq at the hands of Saddam and his predecessors, because those who believe in the myths of history – believers like you – are enough.

You said in your tweets above that Iraq taught the Persians civilization, and made the Bedouin and Mongols civilized, but the way you mention insults and your nasty speech show you don’t value others. It is you who needs to be disciplined and civilized not only because  you are rude but also because of your thoughts.

A civilized man is usually more tolerant and less malevolent, and more understanding of the facts of history. Kuwait’s independence and sovereignty over its entire territory is settled by joint agreements and by UN resolutions and preoccupation with this matter will only plague you with heart aches in mind and body.

My advice to you is to limit your messages with the least amount of rudeness and vulgarity, at least out of respect for the turban you wear on your head.

email: habibi.enta1@gmail .com

By Ahmad alsarraf

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