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Monday , December 6 2021

‘Rejoice not at the wedding where divorce is at the door’

IT is very unfortunate that MPs kept on missing opportunities one after another over the past months, and worked on paralyzing the state in order to pardon a few people who were implicated in cases related to freedom of speech.

It would have been better for them to have taken from the start the path set by the political leadership , which is to ask for pardon from the top leadership like others did after realizing that there is no other alternative way.

Nothing has changed today from yesterday in terms of substance, but rather in form. Instead of asking for pardon individually, they collectively appealed for pardon to His Highness the Amir.

Given that the 38 MPs announced their full cooperation with the state, or rather logical cooperation between the two authorities – the legislative and the executive, this is definitely not a favor from the MPs, some of whom may think that they achieved a great victory.

What happened during the last stage was not a democratic practice, but a departure from all norms and traditions, as the country is not a tool of blackmail for ministers and MPs. Each of them have been working on employing it for its own benefit, while the ordinary people are the ones paying the price to the point of losing confidence in the state.

First and foremost, we must be convinced that the state is not subject to the whims of people, and that the law is the rule that everyone must abide by. They cannot deviate from it if they do not like the ruling based on it.

This is the norm in all established civilized democracies where no tribe, sect, or party is greater than the state. The state’s vision is what prevails in the end, even if there are some political courtesies that do not affect the essence.

All those who celebrate the amnesty today and think they have achieved their goal must look carefully at the negative consequences. They must have the courage to admit their mistake. The government must answer the questions raised by the people, especially regarding the benefit that will accrue to them from the amnesty.

Will this amnesty help in curbing the economic losses, and correcting the state’s financial situation? Will it help in opening up the country after it was closed by political currents that used religion as a cover with a thick wall of their own whims, which religion has nothing to do with? Frankly, there are no indications of that being achieved.

Nonetheless, when the decision was issued to enlist women in the army, behold, the factions of darkness were mobilized against the women’s enlistment into the military. Unfortunately, it seems through his statements that the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Hamad Jaber Al-Ali is about to surrender to them.

Take a look at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was more strict in this regard. It allowed the recruitment of women in the military, and even became more open in all fields compared to other Gulf states.

According to these data, the situation will not change much. In fact, those who are pardoned will undoubtedly return to their nature because they believe that they have achieved a victory over the state. This is what makes us highlight the popular Kuwaiti saying — Rejoice not at a wedding where divorce is at the door.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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