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Rabbits on Hill

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

HAS the United States started executing the hidden agenda in the nuclear agreement with Iran through hostile actions against Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries, its historical allies in the region?

If the ‘Justice Against Guardians of Terrorists Law’ aims to weaken Saudi Arabia from facing the plan to push the region into crisis, as imagined by the masterminds of the new Middle East, then they must be dreaming. This is because the law is a two-sided weapon, while the United States itself will suffer from the boundary being threaded since it implies targeting the rest of the world.

It is glaring that the Cold War arsenal being prepared by the United States against Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC countries is affirmed by the law on banning the export of weapons to Saudi Arabia, which the Congress will review today. However, the extremely new and strange contradiction in the American political attitude is that almost six months after a federal court issued a verdict ordering Iran to pay $10 billion fine for complicity in the September 2001 attacks, a Congress magician came out with the proposed ‘Justice Against Guardians of Terrorists Law’ from the rabbit chamber. Another magician followed suit by proposing the ‘weapon export ban’. This is tantamount to punishing Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries, instead of Iran.

Definitely, the new position taken by the US is not only about the dictate of the nature of elections, but also the hidden agenda in the nuclear pact with Iran. Therefore, we should not take chances with this ally that prioritizes its temporary interests over historical allies. We should rather deal with this attack by considering it an alarm for us to start preparing for self-reliance. We should eat what we plant, wear what we manufacture and embark on weapon manufacturing revolution to wean ourselves from the strange breasts with which we are being fed. Several countries with lesser wealth and capabilities worked hard to protect themselves using their own weapons. Here are India, Pakistan and many other countries which do not import weapons.

After several experiences that our countries passed through in their relations with the United States, the outcome clearly shows the American market is not the only one in the world. Many other countries have abandoned America, yet their citizens did not die of hunger or nakedness. About 300 million Americans cannot be the rescuers of around 7.5 billion world population.

Apparently, the issue is no longer about divergent viewpoints between countries in the region and the United States, it is about the country we regard as our historical ally severing ties with us after falling prey to the Mullah regime. The same regime will find an appropriate political situation to use the new ‘Justice Against Guardians of Terrorists Law’ to attack Washington from within.

A similar fate will befall other Arab nations, not only the GCC countries. It will even extend to all countries that have long standing scores to settle with the United States. This will be manifested once reciprocity begins based on the law which contravenes all international norms, conventions and the sovereignty of countries.

 This warning has been sounded on the United Nations and Security Council podiums. Nevertheless, it seems the US election uproar, tickling emotions of the electorate, and abiding by hidden agenda in the nuclear pact with Iran are far louder than the sound of reason.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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