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Politics of Qatar and the leadership’s nonsense

THE world — especially the major countries, warn on an attempt to weaken the Gulf Cooperation Council. The focus of discussion of all Ministers of Foreign Affairs visiting Kuwait — the country endorsed internationally to mediate the current Gulf crisis, is on averting any action that would violate the unity of the council.

Here we are with Qatari information media mocking the GCC upon directives from Doha’s official administration, and describing the organization as a “council for sale” or “expired council” for the reason that the administration, which is unwavering on its support for terrorism, is trying to prolong the dispute by counteracting the international move made in favor of the measures adopted by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt to fight terrorist groups taking refuge in Doha and receiving support from her.

It is amusingly sad to see the Qatari administration consider the roadmap endorsed internationally to combat terrorism as an infringement on its sovereignty. It is also amusingly sad for Qatar to consider the ban on supporting terrorist groups such as “DAESH”, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Nusra Front, Houthis, Hezbollah etc to be interference in its internal affairs, whereas the gang continues perpetrating atrocities against people in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Bahrain, and strive to incite chaos in Kuwait— not forgetting Saudi Arabia.

Do the Qatari officials suppose that issuing mere statement to deny their relationship with the groups in question or denying any incitement against the ruling regimes in the Gulf will cause the countries to relinquish their right to self defense or they think the world will fall for such statements?

In the past weeks, nobody in the region or world forced Qatar to succumb or even compromise her sovereignty. Everybody is trying hard to rescue her from the self-afflicted predicament in supporting the activities of terrorist groups and granting them media platform.

Scrupulous onlookers will realize that demands of the four countries did not affect Qatar’s sovereignty in any way. Rather, it consolidated the protection of Gulf sovereignty, which consists of Qatar’s. For this reason, futile efforts to exploit the miserable foreign policy with Al-Jazeera’s affiliated satellite channels and forming an online army against the GCC countries through over 23,000 Twitter accounts amounts to gradual suicide, because Qatar has blocked the window of alternative solution by working toward further sanctions.

The politics of throwing overboard the reality adopted by Doha did not allow her to see the negative implications on her economy, especially her sovereignty wealth ranking by international financial institutes and expanding the scope of international banks that avoid dealing in Qatari riyal. The negative consequences will manifest on her economy soon.

Is Doha ready to bear all this for the sake of a bunch of terrorists she accommodates, while these outlawed groups are planning destructive operations in dark rooms against Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and across the globe? Is it not better to expel them from her territories to ensure real protection of her sovereignty through joint preservation of GCC sovereignty, which is only possible unless the unity of Gulf Cooperation Council is strengthened?

By Ahmad Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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