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Peacock regime says … ‘Take me’

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WHEN lying and sham become the order of every day in a certain country where the mouthpieces of the country become tools for misleading the public, the leaders of that country turn into characters of a funny animation movie.

It is impossible for everyone who watches or listens to the Iranian information media, either inherently or suspiciously sponsored, not to come to this conclusion.

In this regard, the Ukrainian plane incident is a clear example of the confusion to conceal the truth.

After 13 days of evasiveness and flimsy stories, Tehran announced that it could not open the black boxes of the stricken plane, initially refusing to hand them over to the relevant foreign authorities.

Throughout the last period, the Mullahs regime issued all the lies that had never crossed the minds of Goebbels.

Iran first announced that the plane had crashed due to a technical problem, but it was later forced to acknowledge the fact that the Revolutionary Guards hit the plane with a missile, after it faced international pressure. Iran afterward admitted that the Supreme Leader had issued orders to bomb any target that could pose a threat, and eventually declared that two missiles were fired at the plane.

The inability to open the black boxes wasn’t the end of the story, but it confirms that the false propaganda practiced by the regime for the last four decades has surpassed all tales of imagination.

The country that claims to have the capability to manufacture space rockets and launch them into space, make planes that can dive into the depths of the sea, and create tanks that can fly in the air was unable to open two black boxes retrieved from a civilian plane.

The picture does not remain as it is with the analysts and mouthpieces of Iran in the region. They form a Kingdom in adopting theories that cannot hold waters, as they portray it as taking control of the world, and that conspiracies are still being hatched for it, but they triumph over it and foil it in a manner that some actors in Bollywood movies do.

In fact, they almost surpass Ahmed Saeed and Younis Bahri (May Allah have mercy on them) in fake news.

If Saeed was able to turn the defeat of the 1967 war by claiming that the Arab forces entered Tel Aviv, the reality of the matter was that the Arab forces were retreating away from the Israeli enemy forces that had reached the borders of Ismailia in Egypt and Damascus in Syria, and occupied the West Bank within hours, the Iranian propaganda joker crushed, through the television screens, the armies of NATO in the Arab region, and expelled its personnel back to their countries in disappointment.

The most blatant fact of all this is that it attributed the reasons of the protests against the miserable living conditions and the rampant corruption in Iraq, Lebanon and Iran to foreign conspiracy, and considered the burning of images of the Mullahs regime’s leaders as actions of foreign agents.

They first claimed that these agents are from Israel, and then claimed they are from the United States of America, and at times claimed the millions of protesters are agents of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Gulf countries.

Some of these mouthpieces saw the action of people taking to the streets as a violation of the Sharia, forgetting that they had endured for years, some of them for nearly four decades, in looting and propagation of a parasitic political class, part of which takes religion as a cover to justify its looting, corruption and destruction of the country, and also terrorism.

Testimony to this, Hassan Nasrallah, in his recent speech, officially recognized the involvement of his party and also Iran in the terrorist suicide bombings that the world witnessed in the 1980s.

When Nasrallah says, “Martyrs are still on standby and ready to carry out more operations”, he acknowledges that his party Hezbollah carried out such terrorist operations in the past, and are ready to do more.

In the face of this fact are all the allegations, lies and analysis spread by Iran’s backfire on them; in fact, they are like a thief who returns to the place of his crime and almost says, “Take me”.

 By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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