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Thursday , March 23 2023

Peace nowhere near your horizon

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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

ACTIVISTS of the Muslim Brotherhood Group insist on coating their movement with a layer of peace despite the known fact about its violent nature since its establishment until date.

We will not dive into its violent nature at the moment even though the movement’s violent characteristics, stories and incidents are common knowledge to everyone.

This movement is on a standby to commit every humanitarian crime in a bid to achieve its dream of establishing its state under the Islamic banner even though Islam has nothing at all to do with them. This is because Islam and the establishment of an Islamic State does not rely on violence which some of Muslim rulers followed after the era of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the rightly-guided Caliphates.

The theme of Islam is “Invite to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching”, not using swords, bombs, etc.

The latest innovation of the Muslim Brotherhood Group in terms of violence was published by some newspapers last Tuesday. Al-Seyassah daily gave it the title “Brotherhood in London are calling for terrorist operations inside Egypt”.

This news highlights the reemergence of controversy concerning Britain, which hosts several leaders of terrorist organizations.

This debate was sparked by a speech given recently by a London-based terrorist figure known as Hani Al-Sibai. He called for terrorist attacks on Egypt and the release of another terrorist known by the name “Othman Ashmawi”.

These calls have sparked the debate concerning the relations that tie Britain with the agendas of the extremists, given that Al-Sibai considers “the center for studies” as the umbrella under which he covers himself in order to disseminate his extremist ideology.

Before Al-Sibai acquired the status of political refugee in 1994 in Britain, he was one of the top known funders of the Muslim Brotherhood Group and promoted its terrorist agendas, which he continues to do so to this day.

According to the news, Al-Sibai, in his latest speech, publicly called for violence and killing in Egypt, and encouraged terrorist attacks to be waged on the Egyptian Army.

We hope to convince the behavior of Brotherhood masters of terrorism and its propagation to stop their support of this movement through right and wrong, as well as stop promoting it as a peaceful movement because its tendencies and literature are far from being peaceful. In other words, peace is nowhere near their horizon.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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