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‘Palestine, we are coming’

Due to countless reasons, I can claim that I have been following the Palestinian cause for a very long time. This allows me to say that they have stood alone in the face of their enemies, which is why they will be victorious in their cause, provided they can deal with the other factor, which is bringing an end to their division and fragmentation. Dependence on brothers has been and still is an illusion.

Some people from my generation remember the Syrian actress and singer Siham Rafki, who was married to Salahuddin Al-Aseer. He withdrew all her recorded songs from the market before she died in Spain in 2007 at the age of 85 years.

Sihman has a famous song with a sentence — “O Palestine, we are coming to you; all of us are your men’ Men are around you to protect you, and to sacrifice with their soul and blood, maintain the glory of Arabism and destroy your enemies”.

Such repeated empty words and slogans; and after seven decades of disasters since 1948 when the weak Arab armies fought trained Jewish gangs in a highly combative spirit; but we were always losers, especially after being forced, time after time often under pressure from the brothers, to reject all solutions.

Of course, no one answered the call of sister Siham in liberating Palestine. Even the clerics, who sent tens of thousands of young people to Afghanistan, Kosovo, Bosnia and Chechnya, and later to Iraq, and finally Syria, swallowed their tongues and even maintained silence instead of condemning the recent events, as though Jerusalem is not the bride of our Arabism, the first of the two Qiblas and the third of the two holy mosques.

The fact that many people do not want to admit is that the Palestinians have suffered not only from oppression and terror of the Israeli war machine and the media, but also from the oppression of many of their brotherly regimes.

Most of their Arab brothers contributed more than others to the division into sects, parties, fronts and organizations. Each are loyal to the party that pays them, while Palestine has been lost piece after piece, forgotten by the Arabs in the last few years. Its tragedy has become just a memory in the minds of very few people.

What the Palestinians are exposed to today is a tragedy, irrespective of their support to Iraq for the invasion of my homeland by Saddam Hussein. All the nations around the world have chosen, willingly or forcefully, to forget the Palestinian cause and ignore their deep sufferings.

It is time for the Palestinians to know that their homeland will be restored only through their own efforts and sacrifices. There is no power or any interest for any party for the return of rights to its legitimate people.


By Ahmad Al-Sarraf



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