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One of a kind phenomenon

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There is no doubt that former MP Musallam Al-Barrak is a phenomenon that has few parallels in our political life, and remains the most prominent, sustainable and popular, yet for all the wrong reasons.

Al-Barrak, the former unionist, and before he was an MP, had a strong personality, a public presence and the ability to provoke it with a loud voice and possesses a rhetoric talent, and the ability to confront, with an understanding of how to benefit and use the capabilities and support of others, but he remains a regional phenomenon that neither includes the homeland, entirely nor all its vital issues.

The role of a representative in the majority of parliaments in the world is limited to legislation, oversight of government actions, and serving the voters of his region, within the law.

Al-Barrak built the majority of his popularity on serving the voters with full and continuous government support until his last days as a deputy to the extent that his oversight of the government was selective and not comprehensive, and therefore the broad base that was and still supports him stems mainly from its benefit from him on the one hand, and its anger at the transgressions and mistakes of some successive governments, and its deprivation of  material benefits and the services that were obtained.

The prevalent corruption in the government administration and of most of its institutions prompted the people in various areas of the country to support Musallam and complain about the government, and demand the distribution of state funds to drop loans and increase pensions and pay even those who do not work, and a villa for every citizen regardless of the consequences of all this under the pretext the state’s money is already lost on others, so why not waste it on them.

If we look at Al-Barrak’s political history, which began in 1996, we will find that it was almost devoid of active participation in presenting constructive bills. Rather, his participation was passive, but popular and attractive.

Al-Barrak concentrated his efforts mostly on questioning the powerful ministers, and overthrew them one by one, both good and bad.

He also voted three times, and in three parliaments, against giving women their political rights. He always voted for the very populist issue of dropping loans. All of this helped support his popularity in his region, especially with the continued weakness of successive governments and they having to meet his demands and this increased his popularity and increased government headache.

Former MP Al-Barrak never paid any attention to the issue of education or the issue of freedom. He never paid attention to cultural or even commercial issues. Rather, he was concerned with politics and building the popular base that overwhelmed all his competitors.

The new Kuwait, the post-amnesty Kuwait, needs former MP Musallam al-Barrak, if he returns to politics, to devote his abilities to the issues he touched upon in his last speech, and to stop his previous role in terrorizing the government often not for the sake of the public interest!

We want Al-Barrak to seek to establish a state of institutions, not to perpetuate mediation. We want a leadership to a true national opposition. Parliament without opposition is meaningless and not one in which everyone seeks to get his slice of the cake. We want a National Assembly that seeks to raise the ceiling of freedoms, as the world tends to openness. We want a Assembly that supports arts, literature and culture, in their true meanings. We want a National Assembly that seeks national unity and strongly criminalizes its enemies. We want an opposition that cares about the most serious issues and that is the issue of education and its development.

We want his participation in the development of government agencies services. Failure to achieve these will perpetuate the existence of negative phenomena, and we will continue to move in circles.

It is the government that creates the representative that frightens it through its failure to develop its administration and refusing the demands of its citizens, so this makes them resort to the deputy, and the latter satisfies them with government approval, thus the representative earns the vote of his elector and his loyalty forever.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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