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Oh Arabs, recapture Syria

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

ARE Arabs capable of changing the regional equation in Syria by aborting Turkish move in the North or will they remain on the sideline watching one of their natural defense lines being divided among regional and global political foxes for the terrorist militant monsters supported regionally and sometimes by superpowers to snap at them?

This question is directed at all Arabian circles currently concerned with re-estimation and re-evaluation of their policies over the past decade when they abandoned Syria or contributed to pushing it into the abyss of civil war as stake for possible ouster of the regime. Some of them specified the time for the ouster to happen. Some of them said the regime would be out within two to three months, while many others already celebrated victory. However, the regime stood firm against militants and armed terrorist groups, so it remained strong for nine years.

During that stage, the Arabs did not realize that the vacuum created by the war must be filled by a certain force; so Damascus had an obligation to prevent the breakup of Syria and it was left with no option but to seek assistance from allies. Here, we are talking about Iran and sectarian militants in Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan. These forces did not actually come, except in perpetrating their dream invasion which some Arabs did not allow.

The Arabs deliberately moved according to the plan to destroy Syria either by supporting armed terrorist groups or abandoning Damascus which used to enjoy good economy to a large extent, with self-reliance and without external debt. They did not realize that if the elements of such force exploit an Arab country, they would form safe haven in others. Unfortunately, the calculations of some leaders were completely different; so they left this country in a mess which ended in the division of its vast territories between Turkey and Iran.

It is true that the alliance between Damascus and Moscow has some positive aspects but not without a price. Russia is not a charitable society as it is only searching for its interests in any move it makes, yet it remains within a specific framework; completely different from Turkish and Iranian calculations. While Iran is struggling to put its leg in the Mediterranean Sea, the Hezbollah gang is incapable of actualizing it in Lebanon and the region due to several factors; so its direct presence in Syria is the way to do so.

In contrast, nobody in the Arab world is unaware that Turkish aspirations have reached the level of illusionary revival of the Ottoman Empire. Therefore, whenever Ankara dismisses all equations for solution while adopting direct war on the Syrian regime and forces; it is saying on top of its voice that it has abdicated the quota which qualifies it to play a regional role in Syria; especially after putting its foot in Libya from where it can penetrate Egypt.

This picture should be in the minds of all Arab officials who must do everything in their capacity to ensure that Iranian and Turkish control over Syria is curtailed. This cannot be realized through solidarity statements, but with real action to thwart the efforts of Turkey in actualizing its expansion aspirations; because burning Iranian and Turkish cards is the first step towards restoring the Arabian decision.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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