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‘O ‘Nazaha’ take action’

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I don’t know who to address, HH the Prime Minister, who often stopped reading my articles, and is now outside the country on official mission, so I have no choice but to resort to Nazaha.

Blatant attacks on public money have been repeated, the latest of which coincided with the government’s threat that it will hold the negligent and corrupt people accountable and refer them to the Prosecution but it seems that this will not happen in a way especially when it comes to entities entrusted with the task of protecting religion, morals and belief, knowing that they are the most committed violations.

Lists related to the names of those entitled to the ‘frontline bonuses sent to the Civil Service Commission includes the names of more than 214,000 employees, some of whom have nothing to do with the fight against Corona who will receive nearly 600 million dinars, or more than two billion dollars and this number (214 thousand) did not exist even in rich countries with the population twice our number.

This laxity of rewards does not occur except in countries that are corrupt and parties that know that they are above accountability.

I understand that the workers in the Ministry of Health get the lion’s share of the two billion dollars; because health workers have done their best.

I understand, with hesitation, the role of the Ministry of Defense, and the fact that 46,000 of its employees receive bonuses.

I gladly accept the role of the security men in maintaining security during the bleak period that we witnessed, but: what is the relationship of the Expropriation Department to the issue of the front line workers — the list includes ten names? What about the Central Department of Statistics with 72 employees and the development office with 12 employees and the National Council with 39 employees?

We will overtake expropriation, statistics and development, and the National Council and ask: What is the relationship of the Quran Printing and Publishing Authority to the fight against Corona because thirty employees are on the awards list, and what is the relationship of the General Secretariat of Endowments with Corona because on the list are 77 employees; what is the relationship of the Ministry of Awqaf which sent the names of those who participated in a ‘scout camp’ in the midst of the Corona ordeal, and of the employees of the ‘Holy Quran Sector’ in particular, and demand generous rewards for them?

The undersecretary has denied manipulation in the lists but after discovering that his words were incorrect, the acting undersecretary issued a decision to withdraw the two decisions to disburse rewards to the participants in a fake scout camp, and considered the matter as if it were not?

Question: Where is Nazaha from these public abuses of public money? How is a decision taken to disburse and when the scandal is exposed, the decision is withdrawn and considered as if it had not been issued?

Does not being silent about such serious violations mean that every government agency has the right to commit whatever violations it wants, and if they are revealed, it has nothing to do but submit an apology and a pledge not to repeat it?

Finally, how can it be accepted that there is a department in the Ministry to take care of the affairs of the Quran, and an independent body for the same purpose and to print it, which for ten years has not printed a single copy?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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