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‘Not all the pathways are thoroughfares’

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

TIME is inquiring about my ideas – series of ideas which remain the same!

There are too many constraints!

Cohesive and fluctuating!

Constraints on all roads…

Not all roads are tarred … not all are thorough!

Roads that I considered easy were actually difficult!

Conceptualizing an idea while writing is more difficult than writing it!

It is the same as not all that is known is said, and not all that is written is published!

Life is poetry, while each day is a verse…

The rhyme of verse is day and night … the details are the measure!

Quality of verse and its literary cohesion depends on the day!

Poetry verse is self-measured, depending on the day!

Some days are not suitable for poems!

There are moments when poetry verse is more important!

I always remember freedom when I talk about restraints, so I compare restraint to freedom, is it axiomatic?

Is it mandatory for constraint to exist to measure freedom?

Saying it in another way … Does it mean that restraining another freedom is to be blessed with freedom at the same time?

I will simplify it further for you: Does any restraint mean absence of freedom?

Does existence of restraint mean absence of freedom, and vice versa?

I will quote two philosophers. “There is no partial freedom, you are either free or not,” Walter Cronkite said!

John Stewart Mill said: The only reason that makes humanity or (part of it) interfere with the freedom or behavior of one of its members is to protect only the self!

The truth is that many people (I am one of them) believe there is no absolute freedom, as there is a border line of ethics, logic, religious norms and legal prohibitions preventing this absolute freedom!

Don’t defame others and use freedom to justify it!

Don’t attack society and use societal freedom as excuse!

Throughout life, there is always a right word for every occasion!

It logically means it cound be acceptable to smoke in a meeting, but is that action acceptable in a mosque?

Is that freedom from constraint or insolence?

There is also an illogical constraint, so I will emphasize the social aspect here.  I see that many attitudes covered with religious garments, while religion has nothing to do with them, should be changed!

It is obvious that many of the things we condemn today might be acceptable in the future…

I am asking sociologists!


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

“It is not logical to boast about freedom while being bound by logic.”         – Michael Naima

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