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No to dualism … yes to ‘respect’ for laws

LAWS were not enacted vainly. They were sanctioned, either unilaterally in some cases by the Executive Authority or in partnership with the Legislative Authority when considering national representation; hence, the operative law should be enforced, otherwise, it should be abolished.

This is due to the fact that if a valid law is not enforced, disorder will thrive in society and every violator will be certain about the slackness of the authority in enforcing the law. This will lead to disorder in society where survival is for the fittest and it entails going back to the Stone Age.

Therefore, we are oblivious to the reason of our Executive Authority in terms of intentional slackness in enforcing the Kuwaiti Citizenship Law which prohibits dual citizenship. On the other hand, those with dual citizenship are given the option to choose between the two nationalities — of Kuwait which showers them with benefits or the other country which is usually their motherland and keeping its nationality is either for allegiance purposes or to benefit from what it offers.

The worst of what we are suffering now is the fact that our latest Parliament turned a blind eye on the shameful flaw — slackness of the Executive Authority in enforcing an operative law.

Actually, some members of the Parliament openly threaten and manipulate the Executive Authority with interpellation and hold the latter accountable if there is an attempt to touch the dualism file.

It is not a secret that once such topic is tackled, it might affect some of them; yes, some of them and thousands of their voters whom we see with our bare eyes during election, filling buses and cars with non-Kuwaiti plate numbers in front of electoral stations and committees.

We dedicate this story to the members of the two authorities — Executive and Legislative — who are slacking in the enforcement of a valid law. We let them see what transpires in an advanced country which preceded us by several decades. It was and continues to be established by immigrants … I mean Australia which is supposedly under Britain.

Australian law prohibits the holders of dual citizenship from assuming public office, such as Parliament member, minister or other similar posts.

In the Australian Parliament, the party of the prime minister will lose majority votes as he will be left to command 74 out of 150 seats. This is because of the resignation of Liberal Parliament member John Alexander, a former professional tennis player, over his status as holder of dual citizenship. He also holds the British citizenship as his father was born in the United Kingdom.

This law, which bars those with dual citizenship from occupying even a political office, is being implemented although half of the Australian population consists of the foreign born or children of immigrants who still hold their original nationalities.

The resignation of Alexander is the result of the High Court’s ruling on other legislators, among them Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce who was disqualified from sitting in the Parliament due to his dual citizenship.

The deputy premier in question had New Zealand nationality at the time of his nomination for election, and this is despite the fact that he was not aware of the nationality which he inherited from his father.

All we are hoping for is to see our well-guided government and noble members of our Parliament emulating advanced countries which respect their laws.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli – Former Minister of Oil



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