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Netanyahu …. period of illusions is over

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE leaders of the Zionist project bet on three things — desperation of the Palestinians, forgetfulness and integration of the Palestinians into other societies. However, throughout the 67 years of Palestinian suffering nobody believed what David Ben Gurion (the primary founder of the State of Israel and the first Prime Minister of Israel) had predicted in 1948 when he said, ‘The current generation of Palestinians will die in exile while the incoming generations will forget’.

Not only the new generations have not forgotten their national issue, their patriotism is stronger than ever before.

The Israeli leaders seem to always ignore this fact, probably due to weaknesses of the Arabs, especially following the defeat in the 1967 war because the 1973 war could not erase the negative effects of that war. It is also because of the position adopted by Europe and the West against the Arabs who have been accused of not striving for peace.

Israel grabbed the opportunity to degrade, ridicule and displace the Palestinians at the same time denying them their right to a homeland as stated in the Oslo agreement. Instead, the occupiers destroyed the buildings and set them alight along with their occupants.

However, the Palestinian Authority has been repelling everything, especially when the extremists led by Benjamin Netanyahu, was at the helm of affairs, during which period oppression, torture and violation of places of worship increased. The Israeli underestimation of Arabs and Muslims added fuel to the fire of Palestinian anger.

It is true the Palestinian issue over the past decades has stoked the flames of Arab extremism, especially after the Israelis rejected all efforts of Arabs towards peace.

The moves began with the proposed two-nation solution in the 1970s, followed by the Saudi King Fahd initiative, and then the initiative from King Abdullah that was approved in Beirut in 2002, and ultimately the refusal to fully implement the Oslo agreement.

It also included restraining the Palestinian Authority by starving it of funds and incessant attacks on Gaza and the West Bank to the extent the Palestinians became frustrated and peaceful solution to the conflict looked like an optical illusion.

They used knifves as a means of resistance, which was the third stage in the chain of resistance which the Arabs tagged as the ‘Third Must Materialize’. At this stage, all obnoxious laws were rendered useless for Netanyahu and even the spillover of the conflict took him by surprise.

Today, the global viewpoint to what is happening in the Palestinian territories has changed and the Israeli assault is no longer a secret to anyone and as a result several countries have recognized Palestine as a nation, while Israel is drifting away into the sea of isolation.

For this, if Netanyahu really wants peace, he should demonstrate it by actions rather than crying foul and massacring the people who have already been marginalized.

The Israeli administration must think deep about the situation of the Arabs and not risk keeping the Arabs occupied with their internal affairs and creating instability in some countries.

The time has changed and nobody in the world is capable of preventing 300 million Arabs from reacting to actions of Israel, especially when the oppression has reached the point of genocide.

The Palestinians will not abandon their cause at the expense of recognition of Israel and the Israelis must put this in mind and not expose its citizens to an unfortunate fate.

Netanyahu and his cohorts must read the history of their existence in the world to realize how their extremism and inordinate ambition have made them pariah.

They must not forget how they were chased out of their original homes. This is necessary for them to stop blackmailing the world with the so-called Holocaust, because it will not benefit them in any way after discovering the truth of their hostility. Even their closest ally has been reconsidering its policy because the voice of condemnation against hostility is loud and clear.

The United States cannot close its eyes and ears and become enemies of the entire international community as the extremists continue to dream of the Great Israel project starting from Euphrates to Nile because the period of illusion is over.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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